Write a review and get $3 if you buy on StackSocial

on black friday stack socialin PDF Expert for MacKeepSolidVPNI bought a cheap one, wrote a brief review on StackSocial and received a $3 credit for each product.






After purchasing StackSocial, write a short review for $3 credit

The following email came from StackSocial. If you write a review, you will get $7 within 3 days.

So, I clicked once. I only had to write 100 characters.



Write a review

You can enter the e-mail you received, or you can enter it from the purchase history on the StackSocial site.

  1. StackSocial purchase historygo into
  2. Click 'Ratings Product' of the product to review.
  3. Write a star rating and review and click the Save button. It should be more than 100 characters.




StackSocial has a refer-a-friend referral system.  this linkThe first time you purchase after signing up through .

StackSocial always offers discounts, but there are times when they give big discounts, so if you're not in a hurry right now, it's better to buy them when they're discounted at StackNovel.


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