Canceling consent to receive advertisement information from KB Securities

If you are going to apply for an event that gives KB Securities stock coupons, you must agree to receive advertising information. First, I tried to find a way to give consent and withdraw. You can cancel in the Marvel app on your mobile.



Canceling consent to receive advertising information from KB Securities' Marvel app

You can cancel your personal (credit) information agreement in the KB Securities mobile app.


  1. Press the menu button on the KB Securities Marvel app and then click the search icon.
  2. Search for 'Personal (Credit) Information Agreement'. If you just search for 'information consent' like me, two menus will appear, click the menu below.
  3. There are mandatory and optional items. During selection, click 'I do not agree' in the product service guide (consent to receive advertising information) and click the OK button at the bottom.



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