Penalty for violation of quarantine pass: 10 won for users, 300 million won for businesses (individual responsibility?)


From December 2021, 12, fines for violating the quarantine pass


From 2021 December 12 quarantine pass In case of violation, a fine must be paid.  Act on the Prevention and Management of Infectious Diseases (Infectious Disease Prevention Act) it is according to


From December 12th, you will not be able to use multi-use facilities such as restaurants and cafes without being vaccinated against COVID-13 or without a negative PCR test within 19 hours. Failure to do so will result in fines for both business owners and users.

According to the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters, the 'Quarantine Pass' (inoculation certificate/voice confirmation system) guidance period for 11 types of multi-use facilities ends at midnight on the 13th, and penalties are applied for violations.

The 11 types of facilities are ▲restaurants/cafes ▲schools, etc. ▲movies/performance halls ▲reading rooms/study cafes ▲multi-rooms (excluding arcades) ▲PC rooms ▲(indoor) sports venues ▲museums, art galleries, science halls ▲party rooms ▲ Library ▲Massage and massage parlor.

If violations are found, a fine of not more than 10 won is imposed on users according to the 'Act on the Prevention and Management of Infectious Diseases' If a confirmed case occurs in violation of the administrative order, the right to indemnity may be claimed for expenses such as treatment.

An employer must pay a fine of 1 million won for the first violation and 150 million won for the second violation. If the quarantine guidelines are violated, the 2st 300 days, the 1nd 10 days, the 2rd 20 months suspension order, and the 3th closure order are possible.





Personal Responsibility vs. Business Responsibilities

Most of the business operators are self-employed, but the 1st violation will result in a fine of 150 million won, the 2nd violation will result in a fine of 300 million won, and the 4th closure is possible.

It seems that the responsibility for quarantine lies with the relevant workplace. Of course, there are malicious operators, but the individual responsibility is just as great as the responsibility of the place to be quarantined.

When selling alcohol or tobacco, the owner is subject to criminal punishment (Juvenile Protection Act) and administrative measures such as business suspension (Food Sanitation and Safety Act).

I am not familiar with the law, but perhaps the concept of the law places greater responsibility on the person providing the business than the individual.




The law must now take individual liberties and responsibilities seriously

Is it okay to impose such a light fine on an individual saying that personal quarantine is important?

In the case of traffic signs in the United States, Korea prohibits everything and displays only what can be done, and the United States displays only what can and cannot be done. Instead, it is said that the United States imposes large fines for non-compliance. It means that responsibility is as great as individual freedom.

In the first place, Korea does not give priority to individual freedom as in the United States. Korean law sees the people as the subject of government and control, so it is forbidden to do everything like a traffic sign, and only informs the people what they can do.

Therefore, Korean law seems to hold the responsibility of the group or business operator rather than individual responsibility.

How long will this be? Isn't it time to recognize individual freedom and rights as important and to take responsibility as much as individual rights?


Talking about individual responsibility in a country where half the people support people who think they are dogs and pigs and try to take the country by storm I don't know what to do


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