Standards and reservation method for booster shot for COVID-19



What is a booster shot?

I was vaccinated up to the 19nd time for COVID-2, but they told me to get a booster shot. What is a booster shot? I got the 2nd dose, so am I getting the 3rd dose or a booster vaccination?

Booster shot means booster vaccination in Korean.

Usually, the vaccine is given only once or twice.

So, a booster shot means a booster dose if you've been vaccinated up to the 2nd round.


Most vaccines require one or two vaccinations to build immunity, but the flu vaccine must be given every year. The reason is that The influenza virus that causes the flu mutates almost every year, so the type of virus changes.이다.

Corona 19 is a generic term for the virus that is spreading right now, and whenever there is a variant, it is attached as alpha, gampa, and delta in the order of the Greek letters. Recently Omicronis the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet.

Fortunately, even if it is mutated, the existing mRNA-based vaccine is said to be effective to some extent. Therefore, it is said that the effect of the vaccine will be greater if three months have passed after the second dose of COVID-19 vaccination is given, and the additional vaccination is given.

If you get the flu vaccine, it lasts about 6 months, but Corona 19 seems to be the same.


Here is a summary of the term booster shot: I got the 2nd dose, so if I get a booster dose this time, it's the 3rd dose because it's the 3rd dose from my point of view. However, it may be necessary to receive another dose in 4 months, so it is the same as the booster shot, which is an additional dose, but from my point of view, it is the XNUMXth dose.

Just like I get a flu shot every winter, I don't know if I should get the COVID-19 vaccine every 3-6 months from now on. ㅠㅠ



Conditions for booster inoculation (booster shot)


Vaccination possible after 2 months (3 days) after the second inoculation


○ 3rd (booster) vaccination reservation (2nd (booster) vaccination for Janssen vaccine)
– Vaccination target and interval
① Those aged 60 and over, 18-59 years of age with underlying disease*, and those living or working in facilities or medical institutions vulnerable to infection: 2rd dose 3 months after 3nd dose
② 18-59 years old: 2rd dose 3 months after 3nd dose
③ Janssen vaccine recipient or immunocompromised*: Inoculate 1 months after completion of primary vaccination (2st Janssen vaccine, 2nd dose remaining)
* For the range of patients with underlying disease and immunocompromised patients, refer to the Corona 19 Vaccination Nuri Book ( > Notification/Form > Information > “Range of immunocompromised patients and patients with underlying disease”
– Vaccine Type: Pfizer or Moderna Vaccine


According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, booster vaccinations are given six months after completion.With the release of Omiclon, the U.S. and Europe are reducing it to three months, and Korea seems to be the same.



Vaccines cannot be selected in principle

You should get the same vaccine. Pfizer-Pfizer inoculations can book with Pfizer, and Moderna-Modern with Moderna. AZ-AZ must meet moderna, Janssen must also meet moderna.




How to reserve a booster vaccination


Method 1. Reservation for COVID-19 vaccination through advance reservation site

Corona 19 vaccination reservation websitecan be reserved at


Method 2. residual vaccine

You can reserve the remaining vaccine using the Naver app or KakaoTalk and receive the vaccine on the same day.

My acquaintance also applied for the residual vaccine, and I got a call right away, so I got the 3rd dose on the same day.





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