Jeju Garbage and Recycling Disposal Day and Time

In Seoul, there are no separate facilities in the neighborhood except for apartments, but in Jeju, each neighborhood has a garbage and recycling separation facility called Clean House. In Seoul, there are districts that have a day to throw out garbage or recycling for each day of the week, but Jeju Island has a different day for each type of recycling.


Discharge of recyclables by day of the week

  • Mon, Wed, Fri: Plastics
  • Tue, Sat: Paper, incombustible garbage
  • Neck: Paper, Vinyl
  • Work: plastics, vinyls


From the Jeju City Recycling Discharge Guide Page brought



From December 12th, separate disposal for each transparent PET is required.

Discard transparent plastic bottles separately.say




Ordinary garbage can be thrown out every day.

Recycling is done on a different day for each day of the week, but general waste can be thrown out every day. Instead, the time is from 3pm onwards.




Discharge time is 3:4 p.m. - XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. the next day.

Food waste can be thrown away at any time, but not for recycling. Depending on the plastic or paper, the disposal day for each day of the week is different. But even during the day, you have to throw it out only after 3pm. I don't know why.



Curtains open from 3pm

I don't know if all of them were applied to the clean house, but a barrier was formed around November.

Recycling is not allowed until 3pm on weekdays as this barrier is down.


I don't know why and there's no explanation as to why you shouldn't throw it away before 3pm.



Food waste can be thrown away at any time

Only recyclable waste has a set time to dispose of it, and food waste can be thrown out at any time. next to the picture above food waste placethis is separate




Items that should not be thrown away in the clean house



Bulky waste and waste home appliances


Bounty for reporting illegal dumping of household waste




In summary, you can throw out general waste and food waste every day, but the day of recycling differs depending on the type. It must be thrown out after 3pm even during the day. The exception is food waste, which can be thrown out every day or at any time.

I don't know why, and I have no explanation. I don't know if the daily collection is different or if the recycled products collected every day are different.

If we were not citizens of the military regime, and if we could tell you why, I think we would be able to protect it better.





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