VR Oculus Quest 2 Referral Bonus 36,000 Won

Oculus Quest 2 to exercise in VRAfter purchasing , I received a credit of 36,000 won by activating the device with the referral code of an existing user.





Oculus Referral Program

The Oculus Recommendation Program is a program that allows you to send a referral link to a friend and activate the device with the link received, and both can receive 36,000 won each.

How the Oculus Recommendation Program WorksIs as follows.

  • Oculus Store Credits have no cash value and can only be used to purchase eligible products on the Oculus App Store.
  • Referral links expire 90 days after they are sent.
  • You can only send up to 30 referral links every 5 days.
  • Any Oculus Store Credits or unused amounts will automatically expire 6 months after activation.
  • The Referral Program is valid until December 2021, 12 and may be extended, changed, postponed or discontinued at any time.



36,000 won each for the person who recommended it and the person who was recommended through the referral link

If a user who has Oculus Quest 2 sends a referral link to a friend, and the friend signs up for Oculus through this link and activates the headset, they receive 36,000 won (equivalent to US $ 30) in credit that can be used in the Oculus Store. can receive


36,000 won is a credit that can only be used in the Oculus Store

Instead of being credited to your account as cash, it's credit that you can use to redeem apps from the Oculus Store.


New subscribers are paid immediately when the device is activated, and those who recommended are paid after 30 days

New subscribers receive a 36000 won credit when they activate the device, and invitees are paid 30 days later.

In my case, there were times when I received it within two weeks instead of a month, and there were times when I received it within a few days or the same day. 2 days seems to be the maximum period under the terms and conditions.


Referral links only available when the device is not active

This is an event to attract new users who recommend their friends to buy Oculus Quest 2. So, it is aimed at new Oculus Quest 2 users.


From 2022, those who have already activated their device will not be eligible for referral bonuses.

By 2021, anyone who hasn't activated their device with a referral link Delete device dataAfter that, you can activate it again with a referral link to receive bonus credits.

However, from 2022, those who have already activated the device will not be allowed.

In fact, among the people who requested a referral link, I deleted the already activated one, but I was informed that the account was already used.


must be facebook friends

You must be Facebook friends with each other, as the Oculus app can send referral links to your Facebook friends.

The inviter is paid after 30 days, so if you make a Facebook friend with someone you don't know to get credit for the Reaper, you have to keep the friendship for 30 days.


You can send up to 5 people per month

You can't send indefinitely referral links. Up to 5 people per month.

From the sender's point of view, the status of the recipient is shown, which is Sent → Accept → Use (device activation).

What is the maximum of 5 per month: the number of links sent, the number of recommendations accepted, or the number of device activations?

When I looked up the English of the help, it was the number of referrals, not the sending. I have to activate it to receive a bonus, so is that an activation criterion?

  • 한국어: “You can only send up to 30 referral links every 5 days.”
  • 영어: “There is a limit of 5 referrals every 30 days.”


I found the answer. In conclusion, it is the number of links sent.

In January 2022, a total of 1 links were sent, and 5 people even activated the device. Then, as a test, I tried to send a referral link to my Facebook friend, but I couldn't send it because a window stating that the recommendation limit was reached.

  • Use (Send+Accept+Device Activation): 2 people
  • Sent (waiting for acceptance): 1
  • Sent (not accepted): 1 (no referrals due to device activation in 2021)
  • Accepted: 1 person (test whether the link is sent, purchase of the device undecided)


The number that can be sent per month is reset

The reset period is also vague. It said that the maximum number is reset every 30 days, but it is not stated whether it is reset sequentially from the first sent date or if it is cut off at the end of the month. I tried sending 5 people after receiving the referral bonus, but it seems to be reset at the end of the month. Same question on redditThere was, but no answer yet.

In my experience, it seems to be on a monthly basis rather than 30 days based on the link sent.

I sent it to 5 people, and after all 5 people activated the device, I sent it for the first time and clicked Send after a month, but it didn't work. And I tried it on the 3rd of the next month and it was sent.

It seems that the reset time zone is not our time zone. I think it's based on US time, but I don't know if it's eastern or western. It was not sent on January 1st of the new year, and it was sent on January 1rd. I forgot to do the test on January 1nd. There are quite a few Korean localization languages, but I don't know if they even did localization until the time of the marketing system.



Works as of January 2022

How the Oculus Recommendation Program WorksThis referral bonus is until December 2021, 12.

  • The Referral Program is valid until December 2021, 12 and may be extended, changed, postponed or discontinued at any time.

I sent the link in January 2022 and I got a bonus. According to the terms and conditions, it can be extended at any time, but it seems to have been extended.

Usually, such recommendation marketing is done on a regular basis, and the meta still needs more viral content, so it is likely to continue.




Request a referral link

I bought a beat saver worth 36,000 won with a referral bonus from someone I don't know.

When I told a senior who studied HCI about his VR experience, he bought the Oculus Quest 2 on Black Friday. So this time I sent a referral. I don't use Facebook very well, but since I've become Facebook friends with my senior, I was able to simply send a link.

You must be a Facebook friend to send and receive referral links, so you usually talk about joining Facebook friends through Open KakaoTalk. I did that too, and I made Facebook friends with people I didn't know and received a link.

I don't know if spam or forced callers will come in, but I also created an open chat on KakaoTalk. I was afraid that someone I didn't know would come to me through KakaoTalk, so I thought I'd do it, but I got up the courage to watch the Quest 2 game because it's expensive.

If you enter the open chat room below and say you want to receive a referral link for Oculus Quest 2, and tell them your Facebook address, you can make Facebook friends with each other and I will send you the link. You can keep Facebook friends for 30 days and then quit. No more communication.

We recommend that only those who wish to communicate only once for the first time can apply through the link above. I'll give it a try and remove the link if strange people or spam come in.



My January 2022 Referral Link Status: 1 left

You can send up to 5 referral links per month, but you can't send more links to 1 people in January.

Since it will be reset in February, we plan to hold an open chat to request referrals in February.



Request a referral link and get a bonus

The person who will receive the referral link must proceed without being linked to the device. From 2022, if the device is already linked, it will not be accepted. I think it's because it's marketing that invites new subscribers. (If you have already activated your device, please do not ask for it)

  1. Apply for referral link Open an open chat room (open again in February), say you want to receive a referral link, and send your Facebook address. (You may not be able to send a reply right away, so leave a message in Open Chat and we will reply. If you leave the room, you cannot reply.)
  2. (Existing subscribers send friend requests) Facebook accepts friend requests when they arrive.
  3. (Existing subscribers send a referral link) Click the link sent to Facebook Messenger and then click accept.
  4. When you connect the Oculus Quest 2 device and the Oculus app, you will immediately receive a notification that 36,000 won credit has been received.


Up to 3 times, there is no contact with each other. However, invitees must remain Facebook friends for at least 30 days, and invitees will receive credit after 30 days.

You may do up to 3 times before receiving the device to receive and accept the referral link. Then, after receiving the device, if you link it with the app, you will receive credits immediately.



Check the referral bonus you have received

As soon as you connect your device, you will receive a notification that you have received a referral bonus.

You can check the received credits in the Oculus app or in payment on the web. The following is how to check the credits received in the Oculus app.

  1. Open the menu tab of the Oculus app.
  2. press settings
  3. In Settings, tap Payment Method.
  4. At the top of the payment method screen, the balance received or spent in 'Remaining Credit' is displayed. Click here to see the expiry date of your credit. The expiry date is one year after receipt.




Redeem Oculus Store Credits

You can use the 36,000 won credit you received when purchasing the app on the Oculus App.

  1. On the Oculus app's Store tab or on the Oculus website, press the purchase button or the amount button for the app you want to buy.
  2. If there is store credit in the purchase confirmation window, it is displayed as 'store credit (₩36,000 available).
  3. Click the buy button and enter your PIN to make a purchase using credits.

If you have signed up for a Korean store, you can only use it in the Korean store.


When I see the purchase confirmation screen, it seems that the amount of credit I have to pay is used first, and the insufficient amount is paid by credit card or PayPal.






Send a referral link to a friend

Existing subscribers can send referral links from the Oculus app on their smartphones.


As the Oculus app was updated, the location was changed in 140.1 or later.


  1. In the latest version of the Oculus app (140.1 or higher), click 'Pay $30 to members and friends' in the menu of the Oculus app.

    For Oculus App 140.1 or lower, click the gem-shaped icon in the upper right corner of Oculus App Home.   Click the icon.
  2. In the referral window, a list of friends you can recommend is displayed. Click the [Send] button next to the friend's name to send the link. In this case, the friend to send must be registered in the Facebook Messenger contact list.
  3. When a friend signs up through the link, it will show that they have accepted your recommendation:






All of the people who contacted me differently than expected were gentle. I also got a referral through KakaoTalk open chat from someone I didn't know at first, but it was amazing!

At first, I was hesitant to write this post, but I wrote it to inform my acquaintances. There are a lot of referral bonus articles in the community, so I thought that the articles I wrote on my blog would not be accepted, but unexpectedly, there were people who requested them.

Thanks to this, it was helpful to those who wanted a referral bonus, and it helped me to buy the app with the credits I received. I am supplementing this article again with regards to what you asked during a brief chat using Open KakaoTalk.

In each VR community, the latest articles are filled with referral links, which is also an issue. In fact, sending and receiving friend referral referral links is simple, but people who haven't done it don't know and there's no way to get a bonus if you don't have a friend who has a quest every week. As someone said, it seems that the person who receives the device for the first time, like me, plays a positive role in receiving a bonus.

Actually, I've tried it a few times and if you ask me, I've corrected this article several times while answering. I organize information to inform, wait for open chat rooms, and go through the trouble of communication, and people who buy devices get a bonus even if they don't have acquaintances, so it seems like a win-win for each other.

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