Starbucks Jeju Hamdeok Branch, a good place to rest or work while looking at Hamdeok Beach

Every Monday and Friday, I take my child to the dormitory and go to Hamdeok to pick it up. I have to drive about 3 hours round trip. Park in the vacant lot in front of Hamdeok BeachHe works at Starbucks Jeju Hamdeok and goes to pick up the child.



There are many people at Starbucks Jeju Hamdeok in all seasons.

Because Jeju Hamdeok Beach is close to the airport, there are quite a few people even in winter. In spring or autumn, many people walk the beach even if they cannot get into the water. There is a campsite where you can camp on the right side facing the sea.

Many tourists chat while looking at the sea. With the sound you hear next to you, you organize your trip and plan your trip tomorrow.





Digital nomad working on the beach

The Starbucks Hamdeok branch is right in front of Jeju Hamdeok Beach. If you look up while working, you can see the beach.

When it comes to digital nomad, coding at the beach seems to be typical, but here at Starbucks, I feel like a digital nomad.



It was always crowded during the day, so it was difficult to take pictures of the interior. I took the child to the dormitory at dawn, and when I got there at 8 in the morning, there was no one on the second floor, so I took a picture.


Even if it's not summer, it's close to the airport, so I think it would be good to see Hamdeok Beach and have a cup of coffee while looking at the sea at Starbucks Jeju Hamdeok.

You cannot park in front of Starbucks, so you have to park in the main window of Hamdeok Beach. this If the parking lot is full, park in an empty lot.can do.



Starbucks Map |Jeju travel map | my map


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