Toss Bank interest rate change in 2022: 2% unconditionally → 1% for less than 2 million won

Tossbank was launched on October 2021, 10.

At the time of launch, it became a hot topic by giving an annual interest rate of 2% regardless of deposits and withdrawals. I also left a few deposits in Kakao Bank. Changed to Toss Bank.




Every time the Toss Bank interest rate change, I tried to archive the Toss Bank interest rate to compare it with the base rate.



Toss Bank launch rate in 2021: 2% unconditionally

Toss Bank Customer Center Interest Rate Introduction Page2021% until December 12, 31. Considering the standard of 2 million won, it looks like it could be done differently.



product name
Daily final balance amount period
Interest rate (%)
Toss Bank Passbook less than 1 million won 2.0
over 1 million won 2.0
Toss Bank Collecting Passbook less than 1 million won 2.0
over 1 million won 2.0
※ The final balance of each day is determined by adding the final balance of [Toss Bank Passbook] and [Toss Bank Collecting Passbook], and the highest interest rate among the interest rates applied by amount section is applied to the balance of [Toss Bank Collecting Passbook] .
※ The classification criteria and interest rates for each amount section may change.





Toss Bank interest rate in 2022: 1% up to 2 million won

On December 12, I received a text message from Toss Bank. Interest rates change.
 1% up to 2 million won and 0.1% above that. The interest rate on deposits and withdrawals is 0.1%, which means that they do not pay.

Toss Bank Information
[From Web]
[Toss Bank]
We would like to inform you that the interest rate of Toss Bank passbook has changed from January 2022, 1.

▶Before change: 2.0% per annum
▶After change: 1% per annum up to 2.0 million won, 1% per annum after adding the Toss Bank passbook and Toss Bank collection balance

In addition, the loan can be received again from January 1, the first day of the new year. Episode 1 benefits of the Toss Bank check card are also introduced.

Please check the details.

* Interest rates are pre-tax.


Toss Bank does not differentiate between deposits and withdrawals, and the annual interest rate is set. What sets them apart is the maximum limit. It is likely that this maximum will adjust the one-ton annual interest rate.

When the base interest rate rises, the deposit interest rate rises. In November, the base rate rose by 11 percentage points to 0.25%, but Toss Bank's interest rate did not rise. It's just been released, so maybe that's the case.

I wonder if Toss Bank will reflect the base rate with the interest rate and the total amount. Since the base rate hike is set, there seems to be a scenario, but I'm curious.


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