A delicious eau de lang bakery with garlic bread near Hamdeok Beach, Jeju

Every Friday, I go to Hamdeok to pick up the child from the dormitory. In front of Hamdeok Beach Starbucks Jeju Hamdeokbeing in eat haenyeo gimbap Sometimes, I go to Audrang Bakery and eat garlic bread and cheese bread.

Audrang Bakery is located at the back gate of Sonobel Jeju (Daemyung Resort). In the past, there was only a place to sell fishing gear in the neighborhood, but now there are many buildings.


I like Audrang's garlic bread the most. The name is Manon Baguette.

Garlic bread is usually crispy, but the garlic bread here is a torn garlic bread. It is moist without being crispy by adding cheese.

The price is not cheap. 6500 won each.

Cheese gets on your hands when you eat. It's hard to tear it apart because it's not cut all the way to the end. I told him to cut it with scissors several times, but he said it was cut and he didn't cut it. It is a good idea to bring a few disposable plastic gloves from the checkout counter.

My daughter likes ink bun with cheese. thank God. It's different from me.



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