How to cancel Hana Card and when it cannot be canceled

I am not using the Hana Card that I used before when I changed the thrifty mobile carrier. Today, the annual fee for Hana Card was 14000 won, so I canceled my Hana Card. Even if you pay your credit card annual fee Automatic refund upon cancellationdo.


At first, the card was not canceled and a message appeared telling me to call customer service. I figured out how to fix this.



Canceling your credit card in the Hana Card app

You can cancel your credit card in the Hana Card app.


  1. In the Hana Card app, press the main menu on the right (the three-line hamburg button) and click My Page > Card Cancellation Request .,
  2. On the card cancellation request screen, click Cancel Individual Card.
  3. If you enter your card information and apply for cancellation, it will be cancelled.




When the Hana Card cannot be canceled

I applied to cancel the card, but the following message appeared and the cancellation was not successful.

“Cancellation of individual cards means the suspension or cancellation of use of some of the cards in the customer's possession, and cancellation of all cards is not possible. For more information, please contact the customer center (1599-1155). “



I don't want to cancel all the cards, but I want to cancel one card, but it says that I can't cancel all the cards. I don't understand the message. It may seem bad

If you call the customer service center, you will have to wait. Is there any way to do this with the mobile app?


If you have only one credit card, you cannot cancel individual cards.

I remembered what I heard at the Kookmin Card customer center before. If you only have one credit card, the last one cannot be canceled and you have to cancel all of them. Full cancellation is like leaving the credit card company in question. When you make your first credit card with a credit card company, you have to go through a review, and then you can just make one. So, if it is difficult to make a credit card (?), you should leave one card.

Since I only have one Hana card, it seems that I cannot cancel individual cards. So, instead of canceling individual cards, I tried canceling all cards, and the card was canceled.

After all, canceling the entire card is like canceling membership at the credit card company. It is a matter of terminology.




If you have only one credit card, you can cancel all cards.


  1. On the Cancel Card Application screen, click Cancel All Cards.
  2. Authenticate and click Next.
  3. The card is canceled saying that the entire card has been cancelled.


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