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The front of Seogwipo E-Mart is called New Town. There are restaurants and hotels, but because there are apartments, there are academies that you can go to without going to Seogwipo.

On the weekends, the child goes to an academy in the new city of Jeju, and goes to the practice room afterward. In the meantime, there is a place where I sometimes go to eat pork cutlet with my kids.

A place called crispy. I call it crunchy like pusho pushu. It's fun to make a name in onomatopoeia.

The place we go is the crispy Seogwipo branch because it is in the new city. It seems to be a chain store.

While waiting, I read that the fried tonkatsu batter is made with breadcrumbs. So it looks crispy.

Every time I went on a business trip to Tokyo, Japan, I often bought tonkatsu and ate it. The crispy and chewy texture of the meat was good, but this place is also good.





The following is the menu board on Naver Map.



I also want to eat udon, so I always order a crispy set meal.




breaks and holidays

3 p.m. to 5 p.m. is the break time. You should avoid this time.

Mondays should also be avoided. I was going to go when my friend came to Jeju, but it was a holiday. Closed every Monday.





Parking is a bit tricky You can only park 2-3 cars in front of the store. Sometimes I park it on the roadside, and sometimes I park it in the parking lot of the children's practice room and walk.

This time, I saw that there were quite a few people who ordered and brought them.


I like tonkatsu, but I have never been to Yeondon Tonkatsu. I sometimes stop by when I go to Daiso, but the lines for tourists are always long.

Jeju's Daepo-dong Chef Ham's Snow Flower Cheese Tonkatsu is also delicious, but if you want to eat crispy pork cutlet, go for crispy.


Jeju travel map


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