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I bought PDF Expert for Mac.








PDF Export for Mac

Mac's default PDF viewer is good, but anything that supports standards other than Adob ​​AggrobatReader PDF Export is best Adop is expensive and it is a bit burdensome because it is a subscription.

The iOS version has already become a subscription, but PDF Expert 2 is not yet a subscription, but for perpetual use.

PDF Expert 3 is being prepared, EagleAccording to PDF Expert 2 and PDF Expert 3, there is a difference. Fortunately, if you buy PDF Expert 2, it will be updated to version 3 when version 3 is released.


PDFExpert 2

  • View, annotate, and edit PDFs on Mac with the main version
  • Available as a one-time purchase, priced at $1.


PDFExpert 3

  • PDF 3 is not yet officially released and is available to a small number of users, but anyone can try it.
  • PDF 3 adds all the features PDF 2 has, plus two new features: built-in OCR, and export to other formats.
  • PDF 2 and PDF 3 can be installed and used together (on Mac at the same time)
  • PDF 3 is currently available as a subscription for $49.99 per year.


When PDF 3 is officially released, PDF 2 is automatically updated to PDF 3.


PDF Expert 2 is priced at $79.99.






It's 50% off on Black Friday for $39.99.

If you read this post after Black Friday, you can infer this price while waiting for the next Black Friday.





stack social discount

On Black Friday, Socialstack was even more discounted, but I bought it for $29.99.






Buy on StackSocial


  1.  Subscribe to Stack Novel
    StackSocial has a refer-a-friend referrer system. this linkWhen you sign up through , you get $10 for both signup and referrals when you make your first purchase. I found out this time, but if I had known in advance, I would have gotten $10, but it's a pity.
  2. PDF Expert to buy


If you went to Stack Novel after reading this article, it is good to check the amount.




Register your PDF Expert license

When you purchase from Socialstack, you receive a license code, which you insert into the app.


  1. StackSocial's Purchases pageFind PDF Expert in , and click the [Claim My Code] button.
  2. Then the license code appears as below. Copy this

  3. Download PDF Expert and install it
  4. Click 'I already have a license' on the next screen that appears when you run the app.
  5. Paste the license code copied from the email and StackSocial.
  6. Then, congratulations will come out and it will be the official version.


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