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Oculus Quest 2 There are many games that have not been released in Korea. So, I connect to a foreign IP and purchase it. Usually, I use a VPN and connect to Canada to purchase in consideration of the exchange rate.

VPNs often use the trial version, but this Black Friday, I bought a VPN that can be used for life on Socialstack at a 90% discount for $13.






KeepSolid VPN Unlimited


The VPN you bought KeepSolid VPN Unlimited  It's a lifetime version.


  • Number of supported devices: 5, 10 (prices vary by number of supported devices)
  • Supported OS: iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux


The speed seems fine. I got 400MB when I didn't use a VPN speedtest.net I tested with , and it came out to 123 MB. If this is enough, you can watch streaming to some extent with a VPN.






The discounted prices are as follows:

  • Homepage Original Price: $199.99
  • → Homepage Black Friday Price: $99.99
  • → StackSocial Black Friday price: 5 units: $19.99, 10 units: $59.99
  • → StackSocial Black Friday + Coupon: $13



If you feed the coupon on the Stacks Special Black Friday price, $199 becomes $13. I bought it on Black Friday for $13 and installed it on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Even after Black Friday, it seems cheaper than the official website.







to buy

You can purchase from StackSocial, log in to the product's official website, and apply the redemption code you received from StackSocial.


1. Buy

Buy it on socialstack and copy the license code.


1. Join Stack Novel

You can purchase without logging in, but you can use discount coupons when purchasing with your account.

Socialstack has a refer-a-friend referrer system. this linkWhen you sign up through , you get $10 for both signup and referrals when you make your first purchase. I found out this time, but if I had known in advance, I would have gotten $10, but it's a pity.



2. Buy

on social stack KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription Add the desired product to the cart and click checkout. Up to 5 devices is $19.99.


3. Enter coupon before payment
Enter SDVPNU13 in the coupon code input field.

Then the price changes to $13. As it turns out, one person can only use it once. I couldn't capture the screen where the price was changed because I already bought it.


The receipt is $13.

4. Make payment.


5. Copy the license code for the product.

purchase pageCopy the license code for the product from You have to go to the place of purchase and insert this license code.



2. Apply the code to the product

Enter the license code copied after purchase from StackSocial into the product.


1. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Sitesjoin in


2. Enter the license code. web

site or installed apps. My Account You can put the license code in the place where you put the redemption code in.

Below is a screen capture of the website.


After that, when you log in to the VPN app on your mobile phone or PC, it becomes a 'lifetime' subscription.



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