When is the deposit after selling overseas stocks (USA, China)?

My child sold Google as a decimal transaction, but the deposit was not received, so I asked when the deposit would be made.

Stocks are not deposited immediately after the sale, but are deposited a few days later. This is because ownership must be processed at the Securities Depository.




Deposit date after selling overseas stocks

Domestic stocks are withdrawn within 2 business days after saleOn the other hand, for overseas stocks, the date of deposit after sale varies by country.


국가 date of deposit
China (Shanghai A) T+1
Hong Kong T+2
USA, China (Shanghai B, Shenzhen B), Japan, Singapore, Germany, UK, France T+3


Dates are based on business days.

For example, if you sell U.S. stocks on Monday, your money will be deposited on Thursday. If the weekend is included, the period will increase accordingly. US stocks usually seem to be deposited in the morning.




After selling a stock, can I buy it on the same day with the sold amount?

You don't have to sell and then deposit money to buy with that money. But each brokerage seems to be different.

Kiwoom Securities bought at the same amount soldIt was possible, and KB Securities was also possible.


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