A collection of stock quotes and aphorisms to seize the mentality of a bear market and turn it into an opportunity.

Because stock investment is invested in stocks that are expected to rise, it is inevitable that they will be psychologically contracted if they fall. A downtrend can be a temporary correction or it can be a downtrend. However, this is something you will only know after passing through, and at that point, my skills, including mental management, protect my investment.

Stock prices are rising and falling, so it seems that you have to come up with your own strategy to deal with each one. When it goes up, the happy circuit still works, but in a down market, the mentality can explode, so the strategy must include the mentality.

How can you hold onto your mentality in a bear market? How to respond to a downtrend?

There are several counter strategies, but to get your mind right, we have compiled quotes from investment masters that are worth reading in a bear market.

More explanation or interpretation is needed, but it is read a little differently depending on the situation I'm in, so I moved it without interpretation. I just did grouping on my own.




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“October is one of the particularly risky months for stock investing. Another dangerous month is July. January. September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February” – Mark Tein


“Never act immediately in a market panic. The time to sell is before the market crashes, not after it. Rather, take a deep breath and quietly analyze your portfolio.” – John Templeton


“How cool would it be if you could get out of the market right before it crashed? But no one can predict the timing of the crash. Moreover, even if you exit the market and avoid a crash, what's the guarantee that you will get back into the market before the next rebound? ” – Peter Lynch


“It's not clear what's causing the deep market correction, but without that deep market correction, most of the great long-term investors would not have achieved such staggering returns. ” – Peter Lynch


“The idea of ​​taking profits for granted is definitely healed when the stock price falls sharply.” – Peter Lynch


“If you want to jump into stock investing, you need to be mentally prepared to take risks. There is no other stock market in the world that guarantees a return.” – André Costolani


“The money you get from investing is the money you get in return for your pain, that is, your pain fund.” – André Kostolani




crisis into opportunity


“A bull market is born in pessimism, grows in skepticism, matures in optimism, and dies in happiness. The most pessimistic times are the best times to buy and the most optimistic times are the best times to sell. The best time to buy is when the market is bleeding. Even if it is your blood.” – John Templeton


“Take fear when the market is greedy, and be greedy when the market is greedy”
(“You try to be greedy when others are fearful. And you try to be fearful when others are greed”) – Warren Buffett


“A fall in stock prices is an opportunity to buy cheap good stocks thrown away by hatchlings who are terrified and want to get out of the stormy stock market.” – Peter Lynch


“No slumps without bubbles, no bubbles without slumps.” – André Costolani


“Political and financial crises are fueling investors to sell stocks. Selling in crisis is clearly the wrong response.” – David Dreman








"The reason you're insecure in a bear market is because you didn't study at a garbage company and you've been squandering your life's money." - Peter Lynch


“A fall in the stock market is as common as a blizzard in January. As long as you're prepared, a stock price drop won't hurt you. ” – Peter Lynch


“This is the people's problem. I don't know why I bought it, so I sell it, and if it goes down, I don't know what to do." - Peter Lynch


“It is a self-evident principle of the market that money flows from the weak to the strong during a crisis. Therefore, a trained investor should cultivate the character of holding stocks in a relaxed manner without being fussy.” – Charlie Munger




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“Attention is also an investment” – unknown


“Do not catch the falling blade” – unknown


“Once you buy a few good stocks, then take sleeping pills and get a good night’s sleep” – André Costolani





Whenever I look down, it feels anew depending on the market at that time, my investment situation, and my strength.

If you have a good saying or proverb about a counter strategy by holding on to your mentality when it goes down, please post it in the comments and I will supplement it.


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