Get a free coupon from KB Star Dream

KB Financial is the same customer rating system for KB Financial companies such as Kookmin Bank and KB Securities. KB Star Cluboperate

I found the KB Star Dream service while looking at the KB Star Club benefits.




You can receive free coupons according to your KB Star Club level.


The higher the level, the more coupons you can choose from.

The following are the royal grade coupons. There are 4 categories.

Applications are accepted every Monday from 9:4 am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm


Winning confirmation is every Tuesday at 10 am in My Coupon Box.




Apply for KB Star Dream Coupon

  1. You can find the KB Star Dream service in the KB financial services you use, such as KB Kookmin Bank or KB Securities. The following is the menu of KB Securities.
  2.  Select a coupon and click the Apply button.



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