Jeju Airport Limousine Bus No. 600 (Jeju Airport ↔︎ Jungmun Tourist Complex, Seogwipo)

Bus 600 is an airport limousine bus that goes back and forth between Jeju Airport, Jungmun, and Seogwipo.

Tourists who have booked a hotel in the Jungmun Tourist Complex or a hotel in Seogwipo or those who go to the convention center take this bus.







Bus No. 600 is a limousine bus to and from Jeju Airport, Jungmun Tourist Complex, and Seogwipo.


Jeju Bus Information SystemDescription of bus 600 in


Airport Limousine No. 600 is a limousine bus that departs from Jeju International Airport every 18 to 20 minutes and runs round-trip to Seogwipo, Jungmun Tourist Complex. Departing from Jeju International Airport, it operates each hotel in the Jungmun Tourist Complex via New Jeju The Hotel, passes through Jeju International Convention Center, Daepo, Gangjeong, and World Cup Stadium, and round-trip to Seogwipo Kal Hotel, the last stop via Seogwipo Gyeongnam Hotel, Seogwipo Pier, and Paradise Hotel. It operates from the airport-Jungmun Complex (takes 50 minutes) and the airport-Seogwipocal Hotel (takes 80 minutes).

○ Time required
– Airport → Jungmun Tourist Complex: 50 minutes
– Airport → Seogwipo Kal Hotel: 80 minutes



From Jeju, turn left around Mt. Halla and return to and from the airport, Jungmun Tourist Complex, and Seogwipo.



600 rides

It is located at Exit 5 of Jeju International Airport.

When you get out of the plane and go all the way to the right, there is a bus stop number 600.




Bus fares are different for each section.


Jeju Bus Information SystemBus fares are as follows:



Download as excel filecan do.


The Jungmun Tourist Complex, which is the most visited by tourists, costs 4500 won. It seems that this rate has not changed in over 5 years.

On the way home from Jeju International Airport, if my wife picks me up with a car, I get off at Yeomiji Botanical Garden. Otherwise, it took a long time because all the hotels were standing, and I was dizzy because the bus was running from the hotel.



When you get on the train, you tell them where you are going, and then you present your transportation card.

As mentioned above, fares are different for each section, so if you tell the driver where you are going before you wait for your transportation card, the amount will be stamped.

Until a few years ago, if you were on a bus, an aunt would walk around asking you where you were going and buying your ticket. Since last year, it has changed to using a transportation card like any other bus. Probably, from my experience, the last person to see this airport bus in Jeju Island buys a ticket.  No bus conductors and self-servicewill be changed to And that woman's job disappeared.




Jungmun Tourist Complex ↔︎ Airport takes about 50 minutes

600 calls all the hotels. It seems to be about 10 rides. So, if my wife takes me by car, I ride it at Yeomiji Botanical Garden. Then it takes about 40 minutes from Yeomiji Botanical Garden to Jeju Airport.

Once, I thought I would be late for my flight, so I asked the driver how long it would take. The driver understood that he wanted to go faster, so he said that he couldn't go faster because there was time for the dispatch.

Anyway, there is a section control on the peace road, so the time is set at 80 km/h. There was no section control on the Pyeonghwa-ro before, but I found It was created in 2018 and the crackdown started in February 2019.seems to have been



600 service timetable


There are 20 departures every hour from the airport every 3 minutes. Departs every hour on the hour, 20 minutes, and 40 minutes. 6 o'clock, 6:20, 6:40, 7 o'clock, etc.

First train 6:00, last train 22:50, every 18-30 minutes, Samyeong Transportation (064-713-7000)


600 timetable excel filethere is, 600 timetable web pagethere is .


Yesterday I had to go from Seoul to Jeju suddenly in the afternoon. When I checked the time of the last bus No. 600, the last bus at the airport was at 10:50 pm, so fortunately I was able to get on the bus and go home. If you are taking a night flight from Seoul and taking the bus without renting a car, you should check the time of the last train.

Jeju travel map


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