Get Up To 11 Points With 5000st Amazon Money Bag Referral Code

When you shop overseas directly on Amazon at 11st, you can earn points by entering a referral code for each purchase.



Up to 11 points per case with 5000st Amazon Money Bag Friend Referral Code

If you enter a friend referral code when ordering Amazon products at 11st, you will earn 2% of the purchase amount (up to 5000 points per purchase) for each purchase.

If you enter a friend referral code, the person who makes a purchase earns 2% of the purchase price (up to 5000 points per case), and the person who recommends it earns 1% (up to 5000 won per case).

This is a benefit to both buyers and referees.




Friend Referral Code: VUG7640 

You must not enter your own code, you must enter someone else's friend referral code.




How to Redeem a Friend Referral Code

There are two ways to enter a friend referral code.


Method 1. Enter the Amazon MoneyMac referral code when paying for your order.

When paying for an order, there is an Amazon Money Bag referral code input window, where you can enter the referral code.



On mobile, scroll down to the bottom of the payment screen and it's under the credit card selection window.



PC Web

On the PC web, you can enter the Amazon Money Mac recommendation code on the right side of the order payment screen.





Method 2. Click the referral code link to access 11st

Click the link below to go to 11th Street. When you go to the payment screen for the product you want to purchase, the Amazon Money Bag recommendation code is automatically entered.


→ Access 11st with a referral code




Earn points upon confirmation of purchase

Points are not earned immediately by paying for an order. When you confirm your purchase, you and the person who provided the referral code will immediately earn money or points.



Get payment notifications

If you want to receive a payment completion notification, go to the 11st app > 11 Talk Settings > 11 Talk and agree to receive benefit information.




This type of recommendation marketing takes advantage of the fact that users are the best marketers and the best marketing media.

Even if it's a code recommended by someone I don't know, I get benefits when I purchase it, so it's a win-win for both me and the person who came to the code.


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