VR Oculus Quest 2, check and turn off calories burned anywhere

mainly Exercise with Oculus Quest 2do Like iPhone Apple Health, Quest Oculus MoveThere is an app called , so you can check your workout date or workout calories. You can check the amount of exercise at home or anywhere in the game.






Raise your head to check the amount of exercise at home or anywhere in the game

There are times when you're sweating and gasping during a game and want to check how many calories you've burned or how much exercise you've been doing.

When you are measuring exercise with your Apple Watch, you can check the calories burned, exercise time, and heart rate on the Apple Watch on your wrist.

The VR Oculus Quest also measures the amount of exercise, so you need to open the Oculus Move app to check the calories burned or exercise time.

However, if you just look up or look down, you can see the momentum. It's like the Apple Watch is turned off and when you twist your wrist to look at the watch, the screen turns on and you can see your workout.

In VR, the headset and controller are input and output devices, and this seems to be a trigger that invokes a function by looking at something.



Calories burned and time exercised

You will see two lines, the upper one is the calories and the lower one is the exercise time.



The number after the slash (/) is the number I set as my goal. In other words, you can see the target calories burned, calories burned up to today, target workout time, and workout time up to today.

Target calorie consumption and target exercise time can be set in the Oculus Move app.




Set up to see calories burned and exercise time from anywhere

This function can be set in the Oculus Move app.


  1. Oculus Move Appopen
  2. Open the seol in the lower right corner.
  3. Just select 'Top' or 'Bottom' on the right in 'In-Game Overlay' at the top of Settings.
  • Above: Make it visible when you lift your head and look upwards.
  • Bottom: Make it visible when looking down.



Remove the momentum indicator that is visible when you lift your head

There are times when you don't want to see calories burned and exercise time whenever you look up at home or during a game.

In this case, open the Oculus Move app, go to Settings > Turn off In-Game Overlays.


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