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I use bloglines ( as my RSS reader. Blog Line receives your ID as an email address, but I modified the email today. The edits were emailed to me, and I had to click a link.

When I clicked the link to verify the ID, the blog line page appeared and said that I checked it well.

However, when I look under the message, I see RSS that can be registered, and I can register right away.
Also, RSS and today's most popular subscriptions recommended by blogline staff.



Blogline used the method of calling a web page for ID authentication.

However, in addition to the message on whether or not to process the blogline, it was also recommending a benefit that the user could obtain. It is also a verification process, so you just need to click the [Subscribe] button right away as it has already been verified.

Of course, I don't know if I really thought about this or did it from a business point of view. However, if I had thought about it, I thought that the interaction design of the blog line had been touched down to the smallest detail.

Something similar is logout.

What do authenticating sites show users after logout?

About 3 years ago, we had a discussion about what to show users on the logout page, and today an executive came up with the same idea. Then I came across this page of the blogline by chance.

In the case of the web, the program running on the server when the user clicks on it will eventually send the result to the browser. This is because it is basically the relationship of a document request between the browser and the server. Therefore, since the programmer has to process the result after the work, an interaction design is needed to figure out how to handle it. After the user's action, how it behaves and what message it displays is a general interaction design.

Now to add to that, I think we should look at what could be of other benefit to the user, not just the message.

Of course, it will depend on the circumstances. If you have nowhere to go after logging out, you will have to give them additional information and features related to them, and you will have to go if you need to go.


* After seeing Yoda's comment, I tried to edit the ID on similar to the blog line.




I think it's good because it's simple and fast.


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