Comprehensive summary of Toss Bank interest payment date and inquiry method

To receive the Toss Bank interest rate of 2.0% per annum Living expenses and stock deposits were moved to Toss Bank. Toss Bank is characterized by not putting it in a specific account like a separate savings account or Kakao Bank Safebox, but adding it to the Toss Bank account and paying an annual interest of 2%.

I was curious about the interest payment date and interest inquiry method of Toss Bank, so I looked it up and organized it.







Toss Bank Monthly Interest Payment Date

Toss Bank interest is paid monthly and is deposited on the third Saturday of each month.

I looked at the time and it was between 1 and 3 in the morning.

Interest was paid for each of the regular deposits and withdrawals and the savings account.




Toss Bank Interest Calculation


Monthly interest payment period

From the interest payment date to the day before the next interest payment date.

Since the interest payment date is the third Saturday of each month, the interest calculation period for the following month is from the third Saturday of this month to the third Friday of the next month.


Interest calculation formula

Interest is calculated daily and added up.

Daily interest = daily final balance * daily interest rate for the final balance amount interval / 365.


final balance for each day

Toss Bank Interest Rate GuideIt is determined by adding up the final balance each day.

※ The final balance of each day is determined by adding the final balance of [Toss Bank Passbook] and [Toss Bank Collecting Passbook], and the highest interest rate among the interest rates applied by amount section is applied to the balance of [Toss Bank Collecting Passbook] .

However, it does not show when the final balance of each day is based. I don't know if I'm getting the average of all deposits and withdrawals for the day or the balance of 23:59:59 every day.


Interest rate for each last balance amount interval

Toss Bank Interest Rate Guideshould check The daily interest rate is displayed, but the interest rate is still 2%.


interest income tax

Interest income tax is applied to all interest income tax in Korea, not to the rules of Toss. Interest income tax is withheld at 15.4% of general taxation and 9.5% of preferential tax, and Toss Bank interest income tax is 15.4% of general taxation.

The final interest is withheld from interest income tax as calculated above and interest after tax is deposited.


Example of calculating interest

For example, if you put 1000 million won in Toss Bank with an annual interest rate of 2% and 30 days a month, you can calculate as follows.

  • Interest before tax = 1 million won * 2% /365 days * 30 days = about 16,438 won
  • Interest income tax = 16,438 won * 15.4% = about 2,531 won
  • After-tax interest = about 13,907 won


If it is a deposit, the principal does not change, so you can calculate it like this. Toss Bank allows you to deposit and withdraw money from time to time, so it seems to add up by calculating the amount every day.

Income tax is a personal general taxation standard and may differ from the actual taxable information.



Toss Bank Monthly Interest Payment Confirmation


View your interest payments

You can check the amount of Toss Bank monthly interest on Tossbang's Passbook tab.

As shown below, each interest in the deposit and withdrawal and savings account is deposited after deducting interest and income tax.




View monthly interest and projected income tax

The interest paid is deducted from interest income tax. If you want to check the pre-tax interest amount or interest rate, you can check the monthly interest payment history.


  1. Open the Toss Bank account in the Toss app.
  2. Click the settings icon (gear-shaped) in the upper right corner of Toss Bank.
  3. Click 'View Interest' in the Manage My Account section
  4. You can view the pre-tax, income tax, interest payment date, and applied interest rate for each month of interest.





Stock deposits from the CMA account of the securities company Moved to Toss Bank. The deposit did not change much, and the interest rate changed from 0.7% to 2%, but the amount of interest is very different.

It is cumbersome to transfer money every time you buy or sell stocks, but it also has the advantage of avoiding negotiating trades. When it comes to US stocks  The problem is that it is not possible to transfer because it is inspection time near midnight.However, if you look at the interest, you should maintain this method.


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