VR Oculus Quest 2 Game/Content Refund Standard and Refund Method Summary

To experience Oculus Quest 2 at a family gathering  Sky Building (Richie's Plank Experience) bought It's because I'm walking on a boardwalk in an 80-story building, but it feels real when I use it in VR, so it's good for Oculus Quest 2 entertainment (?).

If you put something like a real plank, it feels more real. I tried it once and it was good, but I don't think I'll use it again, so I decided to return it.





Oculus Quest 2 App Refund Conditions


The conditions for applying for an app refund on the Oculus website and Refund PolicyI looked at it and summarized it.


Auto Refund Subject

  • Less than 2 hours of use
  • Within 14 days of purchase


For Oculus Quest 2 and Quest content, you may be eligible for a refund if you have used the content for less than 2 hours and requested a refund within 14 days of purchase.



If you use the app for more than 2 hours or you have purchased the app for more than 14 days, if you click the refund request button, the following window appears and the refund request cannot be processed.




In addition, you can get a refund by contacting Oculus Support under the following conditions:

  • If there is a problem with the provided content
  • If you purchased content with an incorrect description


Refunds for apps not covered by the content refund policy
Even if you do not meet the automatic refund eligibility criteria in this policy, you may still be able to obtain a refund by contacting Oculus Support. For example, if you have a problem with the content provided, or if you purchased the content because of a misrepresentation, you may have a right to a refund, separate from your existing legal rights.


Types not eligible for refund

Refund PolicyRefunds are not available in the following cases:

  • Purchased Movies and Bundles, Purchased Content as part of a Bundle, Purchased Downloaded Content (DLC), or purchased Content within the App (In-App Purchases) (except as required by applicable law).

    • If you purchased content created outside the Oculus platform Additional third-party terms and conditions may apply if you purchased content outside the Oculus platform. Please refer to that policy for details.

  • If you request a refund 15 days after the date of purchase or receipt of the gift (except as required by applicable law);

  • Content found to have been used for more than two hours (except as required by law);

  • If you previously purchased refunded content



If you try to get a refund multiple times within a certain period, it will be rejected.

Oculus may deny a content refund request if it detects abnormal and/or potential abuse of the system (or Oculus' policies), such as multiple attempts to refund content over a period of time.




Oculus Quest 2 App Refund Process

If you apply for a refund, Oculus will notify you by email after reviewing the refund, and if refunded, the refund will be issued through the original payment method.


  1. Request a User App Refund
  2. Review on Oculus
  3. After review, email result notification and refund payment




1. Apply for a refund on the Oculus Quest 2 app

You can request a refund in the Oculus app.

  1. Open the Oculus app on your smartphone and tap your profile picture. On the iPhone, in the Devices tab, tap the profile icon in the upper left corner.
  2. In the menu, press premises.
  3. Tap the app for which you want to request a refund, then tap Request Refund.
  4. Select a reason for refund and request a refund.


I chose guitar and it was refunded. After applying for a refund, I thought it would be better to give another reason, but luckily it was refunded.





2. Refund Review on Oculus


Content is unavailable while your request is being reviewed

It seems obvious, but after applying for a refund, you cannot use the app.


Refund request receipt email

When I requested a refund, I got an email saying that the refund was requested as follows.


Refund request submitted
Your request for a refund has been received. Refund requests typically take up to 5 business days to be reviewed, verified and processed.

Date: November 2021, 11
Receipt number: 113466644478

Facebook Technologies Ireland Ltd
4 Grand Canal Square
Grand Canal Harbor
Dublin 2
Taxpayer ID: 370-80-00560
Billed to:
VISA ending in
subject 가격
Richie's Plank Experience (Sky Building)
Developer:: Toast
C $ 16.99
Total: C$16.99
Tax included: C$1.54 ( €1.07


By the way, I bought it in Canada and it looks like a Canadian amount.


Refund process is usually within 5 days

The process of reviewing, confirming, and processing your refund request is usually completed within 5 days, but it may take longer for your refund to appear on your statement.



3. E-mail notification of refund review result and payment of refund amount


In the case of a refund, the refund details will be emailed to you.

I made a request on November 11th, and on November 15th, refund details were emailed back to me. They said it would normally be processed within 11 days, but in my case it took 18 days.


Refund Date: November 2021, 11
Receipt number: 114673651

Facebook Technologies Ireland Ltd
4 Grand Canal Square
Grand Canal Harbor
Dublin 2
Taxpayer ID: 370-80-00560
Billed to:
VISA ending with 7044

item price

Richie's Plank Experience (Sky Building)
Developer:: Toast


Total: C-$16.99
Tax included: C-$1.54 ( -€1.07 )


Refund payment in case of refund

I paid with a credit card, so the authorization is likely to be cancelled. According to the website, it is 7 to 9 business days, so it seems that the approval will be canceled after about 2 weeks.

If your refund request is approved, your refund will be issued through your original payment method. If you haven't received your refund after 7-9 business days, please contact your payment service provider for assistance.



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