How to check and use the date of payment of the COVID-19 win-win consumption subsidy, and how to use it

The win-win consumption subsidy cashback has arrived. But I didn't know how to use this, so I looked it up.






Win-Win Consumption Subsidy

The win-win consumption subsidy provides a total of 2021 won in cash back up to a maximum of 10 won per month for an amount exceeding 11% of the average monthly use amount in the second quarter by credit or debit card for two months from October to November 2. For more details see this articleDo it.



The date of payment of the win-win consumption subsidy subsidy is the 15th

When a subsidy (cashback) occurs, it is automatically paid to the card of the dedicated card company on the 15th of the following month.

  • October performance: 10 (Mon)
  • November performance: 11 (Wednesday)

The maximum payment limit is 10 won per month.



How to check cashback for win-win consumption subsidy

You can find the Win-Win Consumption Subsidy menu in the card app you applied for.


In the case of Lotte Card, you can do the following:

  1. In the Lotte Card app, press the = hamburger button in the upper right corner.
  2. Press the My button, and then click 'Win-Win Consumption Support'.
  3. Then, you can check the progress of this month's performance and expected cash back as follows, and you can check the amount of cash back for the consumption subsidy delivered.




How to use the win-win consumption subsidy

It is said that cashback has arrived, how do I use it? It was simple when I read the description of the small size like a grain.


If you use this card, the consumption subsidy will be deducted first.

last time How to use the win-win national support fund that came in by credit or debit cardin the same way as Consumption subsidies cannot be used for certain expenditures. If you just use the card, the consumption subsidy will be deducted.

Of course, after the consumption subsidy has been deducted from the credit card, the remaining amount is charged on the payment date. A debit card must have a balance when spending more than the consumption subsidy.


The following is the description of Lotte Card.

When using the consumption subsidy with a credit card, the consumption subsidy is deducted first, and the remaining amount is charged on the payment date.

When using a consumption subsidy with a debit card, if the approved amount is larger than the balance of the consumption subsidy received, the card cannot be used.



The consumption subsidy can only be used for lump sum payments. installments cannot be used


The received consumption subsidy can only be used for lump sum payment. (Installment not available)



The win-win consumption subsidy cannot be used for overseas merchants.

The consumption subsidy received can be used at all affiliated stores, but overseas affiliates (including overseas online shopping malls) cannot be used.


The validity period of the win-win consumption subsidy is until June 2022, 6.

The validity period of the win-win consumption subsidy paid is until June 22, 6, and any unused subsidy will be forfeited.

Grants not used within the period of use cannot be converted into cash and cannot be transferred to others.




You should not overspend to receive a win-win consumption subsidy.

In my case, I paid for one of the school fees that my wife used to pay with my credit card, and I just bought a new iPhone for my wife and received a total of about 7 won in cash back.

You should not overspend to receive the maximum of 10 won from October to November.

This is to encourage consumption by those who can afford to spend, and to give benefits to credit card companies.

There are many self-employed who do not even have a monthly living expenses or whose sales have decreased. It would be nice to just give everyone the resources equivalent to this cashback equally. Study to become an elite Go upstairs and make a policy for the haves. This is the reason why you have to stay awake by studying the world and vote well.


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