Subdirectories vs. subdirectories in terms of search optimization (SEO). sub domain





When adding a blog or multilingual to your homepage, subdomain vs. subdirectory?

If you have a website, you want to create a blog as well. If the homepage is, is it better to make the blog Or is it better to go to

If there is a site in Korean and you want to create an English site, is it better to use a subdomain? Is it better to use subdirectories? In other words, would it be better to set to Or is it better to go to

You may decide that it looks good or is easier to manage the server.

If you want to use a subdomain, you need to be able to set the CNAME as well, so there are a few more privileges and tasks compared to the subdirectory.


Discussion of subdirectories and subdomains in terms of search engine optimizationthere are many

There are so many websites in the world that it is impossible to visit a site that is not exposed to search engines. You have to spend advertising on search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) significantly reduces the cost of Search Engine Marketing (SEO).



Domains and subdomains have no SEO advantage over each other

In SEO, the issue of which subdirectory or subdomain is helpful for search engine optimization doesn't seem to end.

However, there is one thing we agree on in terms of search engine optimization.

One domain, subdomain or another has no SEO advantage over each other. It behaves like a separate domain.

Google gives weights for each domain, and domains and subdomains give weights for different domains.

That is, and are independent of the search weight of Google search.



In terms of SEO, subdirectories are beneficial.

The Google search engine adds the search weight of sub-directories to the domain.

All pages of and are counted in

So, if you add a blog, it is more advantageous from a search engine optimization point of view to rather than

The same goes for multilingual. has an advantage over vs.

Yahoo! has a subdomain structure for each country.

In the US, is Yahoo! Korea was Although users also know it as This is a level where you do not need to worry about Google search engine optimization. It's a completely different site.

So, you don't necessarily have to use a subdirectory.,

The multilingual language of Apple's site is, not From an SEO point of view, it has never been disclosed.

Still, in terms of search engine optimization, page scores by country or language are all accumulated on vs.

I made an English site by using the WordPress GTranslate plugin to automatically translate my blog.

Initially, was set as a subdomain, and then changed to to collect rankings in in Google Search Engine Optimization.

After about 5 days, it was changed to again. The reason is not to view the SEO point of view, but to easily view the Google Adsense sales aggregate.

In Google Analytics, you can filter by /en, but in Google AdSense, you can't find a way to view it as a subdirectory.

Google Adsense reports can be viewed by site, which can be viewed at

You need to test how much Google Adsense sales are, but if you can't measure it, you can't do this experiment. So, I changed it back to a subdomain so that I could see the results in Google Adsense.

It seems to be a different point of view from SEO and AdSense sales measurement.


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