Vertical Mouse Comparison: Anker, Made in China, Logitech MX Vertical Mouse

I use a vertical mouse. My first vertical mouse was the Anker, so I've been using it for over 10 years.   Advantages of a vertical mousehas less strain on the wrist and is comfortable to press the back button and the window close button.

Use a vertical mouse similar to the anchor vertical mouse angle. There are some mice that have a longer wrist, but this seems to be the right size for me.






anker vertical mouse

anker vertical mouseThe grip feels like holding a large pencil, so it's easy to adjust the mouse point enough to draw with a mouse.



I have one at work and one at home.

The click feel is a bit heavy and there is a clicking sound. I've been using the Anker Vertical Mouse for over 10 years, but I think I've only used one or three. no malfunction

My older child also uses a vertical mouse, but some of Ali Express's vertical mice were broken, so I bought an Anker.

If you use it for a long time, the mouse gets oily on your hands, so you need to wipe it off.

Anker mouse is wired and has Bluetooth with 2.4GHz round. But it still doesn't support cave-free Bluetooth.

Using a MacBook Pro 2018, there are only 4 USB C ports without USB A ports. So, from MacBook Pro 2018 to the current M1 MacBook Air,  you green herbApple USB-C Digital AV MultiportIt is used by inserting Anker's Cave tooth into it.

I've been waiting for the Bluetooth Anchor Vertical Mouse without a dongle for several years, but it doesn't come.

It would be the best if the Anker Vertical Mouse supports Bluetooth and can reduce the click sound and reduce the pressure.

I like the wrist angle the most because I'm used to it.



AliExpress's China-made vertical mouse

I didn't use Anker's USB-A Bluetooth cave, and I was looking for a Mac to connect via Bluetooth, and I bought a few vertical mice from Ali Express and used them.

The basic shape is a copy of the anchor mouse, and the grip is similar, but rather upgraded.

There is an Alibal mouse that supports Bluetooth 4.0, which I want, is light and does not make any clicks, and has no power when clicking.

MODAO vertical mouse이다.


I set the 4th button close to my thumb to close the window with my Mac's BTT. But with this Modao vertical mouse, after using it for a while, button 4 clicks twice. That's why poultry safari tabs close two at a time.

I bought a few, but after using them for a while, this happens all the time. I thought it was a mouse button problem.

I like this mouse the most, but the 4th button is a pity.

Comparison of Anker and Moda Vertical MouseCompared to the Anker, the Moda Vertical Mouse supports Bluetooth 4.0 without a dongle, and there is no clicking noise when clicking, and it is good that there is no force when pressing.

I think I bought about 4 of this mouse alone because the 5th button was pressed twice. haha



Logitech MX Vertical Mouse

No matter how much I search the Anker website, other products increase, but the mouse does not appear. Moda vertical mice are all good, but sometimes button 4 is pressed twice.

No matter how cheap the Moda mouse is, I bought 5 of them, so it's about 5 won. I thought I'd rather buy a good one. It seems like it's too late, but it's just a rationalization for the short stature. 😆

I was looking at it, but I didn't buy it because it was expensive Logitech MX Vertical Mousebought About 12 million won. Mouse is very expensive. Anker is 2 to 3 won, Ali is about 1 won, but 12 won is a bit...





The first time I held the mouse, I didn't like it. Compared to Anker, it was not gripped. Instead of holding the mouse, it feels like putting your fingers on the mouse like a normal mouse with your fingers straight.

At first, I couldn't hold a mouse like Anker or like a pencil. It felt like I just put my finger on the mouse like a normal mouse, so I had to move my wrist to point.

Now, instead of moving the mouse with your entire wrist, you move the mouse as if you were holding a pencil with your thumb and index finger. became comfortable

It's not as heavy as an anchor when clicking, but it does make a noise. Still, the sound is smaller than the Anker.


Logitech MX Vertical Mouse is also modified to make it noiseless. For 12 million won, it can also be remodeled. 😆 remodeling videoI have this and I can't I looked it up and it was in Euljiro, but I'm thinking of going to make a noiseless remodel.

This mouse has several convenient functions in terms of software.

Even if you don't use BTT on Mac, you can assign functions to the 3rd and 4th buttons on the umbilical side. Without BTT on Mac Logitech OptionsYou can set it up by installing the Iran app. Also, with this app, you can use 2-3 computers with one mouse.





I have summarized the evolution of my vertical mouse over the years.

The angles of the Anker Vertical Mouse, China-made Vertical Mouse, and Logitech MX Vertical Mouse are slightly different, but the basic feel is the grip of the Anker Vertical Mouse.

Among them, Anker is recommended for those who want to use a vertical mouse because of their wrist. Made in China is cheap and works well, but it often breaks down. I don't know if it's just my 4th button.

The Logitech MX Vertical Mouse is lousy in terms of value for money, but it's okay except for the pricey thing. If you want to connect directly via Bluetooth without a cave, or use two or more laptops as a single mouse, it will be fine. It's also good that it doesn't feel greasy even if your hands are oily. I don't really like the grip, but I've gotten used to it and will continue to use it until a new alternative comes out.



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