VR Oculus Quest 2 Screen Capture + Hotkey

You can capture the screen you are looking at in Oculus Quest 2.


Capture from the Oculus Quest 2 system menu

  1. Press the O-shaped Oculus button among the control buttons on the right of Oculus Quist.
  2. Click the Share button in the universal menu.
  3. When you tap Take Photo, the screen you are looking at is captured.





screen capture hotkey

You can also capture the screen you are viewing with a hotkey.

  1. If you hold down the 'O' shaped Oculus menu button among the buttons on the right controller and press the trigger button at the same time, a beep will sound and capture.


At this point, if you press and hold the O-shaped Oculus menu button, the Oculus system menu appears. Just press the Oculus button and immediately press the trigger button.

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