VR Oculus Quest 2 Discount Purchase (4 events overlapped)

I bought the Oculus Quest 2 for 414,000 won with a 25.8% discount from 307,000 won.






A useful VR device, Oculus Quest 2

If you watch the movie <Ready Player One>, you can put on a VR device and get a glimpse of what will happen in the virtual world. In reality, VR devices that let you experience the virtual world were a problem for motion sickness. When I first saw Oculus at CES in Las Vegas, I thought that I could sit and watch a movie because there was no content, and I thought it was still a long way off due to motion sickness.

After that, Oculus was acquired by Facebook (now the meta).

After Oculus Quest 2 was released in Korea this year, people's reviews were posted. Depending on the game or app, and each person felt motion sickness differently, and overall there was no motion sickness.

It's mostly a game, but it's time to live. Even the Oculus Quest 2 128GB came out at 414,000 won.



Buy at ssg.com with 25.8% discount


per Kleang VRI was just eyeing that there was such a thing, but you can buy it at a discount. article about an eventthis came up

414,000 won Oculis Quest 2 128GB can be bought for 30.7 won.

expression is fun “It’s a price you can pay once and be forgiven later.” He tells his wife to forgive him later.


마침 KB Kookmin Gaon Planetum Card for overseas remittanceI tried calculating in Excel how much discount there is.

10% discount coupon from sgg.com + 10% discount with Kookmin/SSG Samsung Card + 2 won earned by applying to KB Star Shop + 2.2% accumulation via Life Shop.

  • Regular price: 414,000 won
  • ssg.com Ssuk Day discount 10% (~10/31) : → 372,600 won (-41,400 won)
  • 10% discount on KB Kookmin Card claim at ssg.com (up to 10 won): → 335,340 won (charged amount) (-37,260 won)
  • Apply for KB Stat Shop (apply for over 30 won) Earn 2 won KB Points
  • KB Card Life Shop Buy sgg.com via sgg.com and earn 2.2% KB points = 8,197 won (card payment amount = 372,600 won)


The total discount amount is 106,857 won.

  • Discount: KRW 78,660
  • Earn KB Points: KRW 28,197

To summarize, I bought the Oculus Quest 414,000 for 2 won for 307,143 won. The discount rate is 25.8%.





it's over now

What is possible is that ssg.com offered a 10% discount when paying with KB Kookmin Card at a 10% discount event on Ssuk Day until October.

Now that I see, the 10% discount event for Ssuk Day is over, and a 5% discount is available when paying with KB Kookmin Card.

KB Stat Shop 2 won points are sometimes available at KB Kookmin Card. KB Kookmin Card EventI think you should see There is still 2.2% accumulation through the KB Card Life Shop.



Promote sales in the chain that sells the product

It is possible to promote sales in shopping malls and payment companies that sell products without changing the product itself and the product price. Of course, in the supply chain, it mainly serves to promote sales in the sales chain.

It is similar to the fact that in the stock market, the fundamentals of a company do not change, but the price changes according to supply and demand.





information from the community

I also calculated how much discount I could get, but this information itself was found in the community Kleang VR Party.

One person posted information about how to get a discount by mixing various methods, and additional discount information was collected about it. There were comments from people who bought it.

VR party again Oculus Quest 2 Referral Referral Articles about sending the code were dominating. I also get 36,000 won per person beat saberbought



Shortcuts and post-mortem rationalization

There are no interesting devices after the iPhone X. All that's left is the VR device. I was thinking about when to buy the Oculus Quest 2. My main use of VR devices is for exercise and insights from new device experiences. It would be nice to experience it, but it's something you don't need.

However, it was not just a nudge in the sales chain, but a push back. It made a logic that you can buy it in terms of price.

While doing research on user behavior in online shopping, I discovered a shortcut that I did not write in the paper. I found it through diary study and life interview. A small desire arises, and over time, a trigger arises and a purchase occurs. It could be a friend, it could be the clothes and conversations people passing by, or it could be a price you found in a shopping mall.

My case is perfect for this. I was just interested in it, but it was good to have it and no problem without it, but the price pushed me. Manul-sama's attention when buying Oculus Quest 2 also plays a role here. However, I have already ordered a new iPhone from my husband, so I have a reason. haha

All of these are ex post rationalizations.




A large discount may occur due to multiple events overlapping each other.

Jirisan Dulle-gil this yearWhile we were talking about history, a companion said this. Historical events do not occur for any reason, but by coincidence.

There were three temporary events this time, and one was an existing one. These benefits were created by collecting events held at shopping malls and credit card companies. I think the people who found this are great.

It is interesting.

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