Gurye Hwaamsa Food Street's Ttukbaegi Restaurant (Jirisan Black Pork Samgyeopsal)

Jirisan Dulle-gil Sandong-Jucheon sectionAfter walking Gurye Hwangtobang PensionWe unpacked and went out to eat. Until last year, we had grilled pork belly or shrimp using the brazier brought by the party. This time, I caught it in a hurry, and it was annoying, so I decided to just go out and eat.

I was recommended by the owner of Hwangtobang Pension.  Ttukbaegi restaurant  이다.




On the way to Hwaeomsa Temple, there is a food street specializing in Hwaeomsa Temple, and restaurants are gathered in a large public parking lot, one of them.

It was recommended by a local resident for a touristic restaurant. Hmm. Okay. The young man who looks like the owner's son is also kind.


Address: 377-1, Hwaeomsa-ro, Masan-myeon, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do




The maple trees around the parking lot are wonderful!

We sat outside to eat while looking at this view.




Jirisan Black Pork Pork Belly

I'm not sure about the Jirisan black pork ribs.

1 won per person, not cheap like a tourist attraction.

I saw a lot of sansuyu in the Sancheon-Jucheon section this time, and I also passed the sansuyuju factory, so I wanted to try it. When I asked what kind of flavor it was to make sansuyuju, he said it was sweet. While walking, I ate a bright red cornus nutmeg, and it was bitter like an unripe persimmon, but the alcohol was sweet.

I just made a dong dongju.


I don't usually post pictures of food, but I do it for our record of the day.


I also ordered miso soup, but it's not orange, but makgeolli. This is the first seafood dish I ever ate. It wasn't bad and it wasn't good.




Autumn leaves around the parking lot

Eat a slice of sashimi, take a sip of dongdongju, look at the autumn leaves, and look up at the sky.

It was Saturday and the autumn leaves had not yet set, but it was good because there were not many people because of Corona. You can see the beautiful autumn leaves and the blue sky like the Jeju sky.



The remaining areas of Jirisan Dulle-gil are to the left and below of Jirisan Mountain, Namwon and Gurye.


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