Change of Internet carrier: asymmetric → symmetric (SK Broadband to KT Internet)

I use SK Broadband at home. Recently, there were times when the download speed was even 2Mbps, so I called customer service. After changing the person in charge, my house said that the speed was not constant.

I've been so frustrated lately Change your router to Wi-Fi 6th generation, changed the Internet carrier.




Internet speed is slow

I use SK Broadband 100 mega for 15,400 won at my Seoul house. When did it become this price? Usually, a 100 mega product costs 22000 won, but it's cheap. Looking at the subscription information, I signed up on December 2011, 12. It's only 3 years old, so I think it's cheap.

Both Seoul and Jeju houses have to use the internet, so it's burdensome to use gigabytes, so I'm just using them.

Even though it is 100 megabytes, Wi-Fi provides 2~18 megabytes during the day and 1-2 megabytes in the evening. next benchis measured with



Before taking the router to Jeju Island, it was about 40 megabytes, so the speed is probably due to the router.

The Jeju House has a contract with KT, so only 100 megabytes come in, but 40 to 60 megabytes come out through Wi-Fi.

But when I called SK Broadband, they said that my house is no longer available.

The speed is to a certain extent by changing the router, but it seems to be a problem with the Internet coming into our house. Because it is asymmetrical, it is not an optical cable, and this is inevitably slower than an optical cable.



Symmetrical vs. asymmetrical

When the download speed is 18 megabytes, the upload speed is 2 megabytes, and the download speed is 2 megabytes and the upload speed is 18 megabytes. This different download and upload speed is called asymmetric.


If the optical cable does not come in, the download and upload speeds are different.

The asymmetric type also has a very long delay time compared to the symmetric type.


(image source)


When I asked the KT installer who came to install the internet, he said that it is asymmetrical if it comes with a copper cable instead of an optical cable.



Symmetry may not be supported for each building.

Symmetrical support varies from house to house. This is because there are some in the neighborhood that come with copper cable instead of optical cable.

When I called SK Broadband, they didn't say that my house is asymmetrical, but they said that they couldn't increase the speed.

In my neighborhood, SK Broadband seems to have not installed optical cables.



Internet carrier change review

We reviewed a few items in our home situation.


Does symmetry come into my house?

To change to symmetric type, you have to change the Internet carrier. Changing to a symmetrical type is not a copper cable, but an optical cable, so the speed is faster.

When I asked the KT Internet installer, he said that the copper cable was used for VDSL. ㅠㅠ

How do I know if symmetry is coming into my house?

You can check which products you subscribe to by entering your address on the Internet website. The carrier's website doesn't even tell you if it's symmetrical or asymmetrical..

I consulted and signed up through Baekmega.

When I called my home address, he told me that KT Internet works at Baekmega.

LG Internet is said to be known only when an installer comes and checks it. The installer will come and check it out, and if it's not symmetrical, you can cancel it.

I decided to just use KT Internet.



Is there a discount mobile phone family discount?

Both KT and LG Internet must subscribe to a product of 500 megabytes or more (33,000 won or more), and Thrifty Mobile must subscribe to a product of 4 won or more.

LG Internet has a fixed company for LG U+ Thrifty Mobile.

There is no reason to spend more than 4 won on a budget mobile. Unlimited calls + Unlimited text data 6GB + Unlimited (1MB) 16000 wonBut what~ I decided not to do the family discount.



Router rental vs. buy a router

For LG Internet, it is mandatory to rent a router, and for KT Internet, if you rent a router, 1,100 won per month is added.

If you use it for 3 years, it is 39,600 won. IPTIME 100 mega support is 3 to 5 won, so I think you can rent it.

Still, I decided not to rent the router.  Write Wi-Fi 6Gbecause it was done with




KT Internet joins 100 mega product

3 won per month for a 22,000-year contract.

A total of 9 won (5 won in cash, 4 won for a gift certificate) will be given at Baekmega. I applied for 4 won as an E-Mart gift certificate. I think you can use it at Seogwipo E-Mart.



Changing the router made it faster

When I checked, the existing router was Wi-Fi 4th generation. new Buy a Wi-Fi 6th generation router and measure the speedIt went from 16Mbps to 95Mbps. It was measured right in front of the router.


  • ipTIME N604M (4th generation, 2.4GHz): Download 16Mbps
  • ipTIME AX2004M (6th Gen, 5GHz): Download 94Mbps


The speed was the router difference!



By changing the Internet to symmetrical, the download and upload speeds are similar.

I measured before and after changing the router and changing the internet carrier.


  • Asymmetric type (SK broadband): download 8.82Mbps, upload 16.6Mbps
  • Symmetrical (KT Internet): download 98.7 Mbps, upload 99.5 Mbps



It's not the difference between carriers, it's the difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical.


This time, the router also supports Wi-Fi 6th generation.  ipTIME AX2004M  , and the Internet service provider also supports symmetric type, so Internet use is pleasant.

Above all, there were many times when the quality of YouTube was blurred, but it disappeared. When viewing Google's 2-degree VR in Oculus Quest 360, the picture quality has noticeably improved, and it seems that virtual reality is a bit more realistic.


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