The iPhone case which can hold a card


I just want to take my iPhone with me when I go out

The most inconvenient thing about using an iPhone in Korea is that it doesn't seem to be able to record calls with Apple Pay. I don't need call recording, but it's inconvenient because I have to take my credit card with me when I go out.

When you get on the bus or subway, you have to take out your wallet and pay separately. When I go out for a walk, I put a credit card in my pocket and go out. A credit card is sometimes put inside the iPhone case, and the case becomes convex.

Insert T-money into Apple Watch to pay for subwayI tried it, but I was worried that the Apple Watch might get hurt. I tried melting the T-money and putting the cable into the iPhone case, but it failed.

There are cases where you can put a credit card in. So, you can see that on the bus or subway, you put your credit card in the phone case and it recognizes it right away.



iPhone case for credit card

My wife carries a single credit card in her iPhone case. When I bought a new iPhone this time, I was looking for an iPhone case that could fit a credit card.

on ali express leather iphone wallet casefound and bought



From iPhone 6 to iPhone 13. While ordering my wife's iPhone case, I also ordered mine.



I put my iPhone in.

Because the credit card storage on the back is the point, the case is just a plastic-like material. The leather doesn't seem to match the plastic texture.

I like it because it is a typical leather color for leather than other cases.



I put my credit card in. I was worried it would fall off, but it isn't. I think you can only put one in.

The wife is also satisfied.

Now I can pay with my iPhone (with iPhone case with credit card inserted) when I take the bus or subway!

I'm worried that it will fall off because it's attached to a plastic-like material, but it hasn't come off yet.

Whatever it is, you can buy it again. Ali express is cheap. That's because the delivery time is long. If you're not in a hurry, just order it and it will come if you forget.

It was okay, so I ordered the same for my brother-in-law and my children.


I looked for it in Coupang, and there are various types of cases.

Ali Express is cheap, but delivery takes about two weeks, so if you need it, it would be good to buy it from Coupang.


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