Plugin for automatic and scheduled publication of WordPress posts to SNS (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram) Blog2Social

When publishing an article with WordPress, can it be posted on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, etc.?

Is it possible to issue a reservation?

Is there a way to select from published articles and post them on social media?

There is nothing wrong with WordPress because it has plugins.





Post to Twitter, Facebook page, and Telegram all at once

my blog post Twitterfacebook pageput on I don't do social media well, so I don't have friends and I don't have friends, so even if I upload it, there isn't much flow.

When uploading to Twitter and Facebook pages, use a buffer in Mac Safari so that they can be uploaded at once.

I receive stock information through Telegram, but I also thought about running Telegram. Connected via IFTTT.

I recently found a plugin that does this all at once.

as soon as Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler Iran is a WordPress plugin.



Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler


for free installSo you can use it to some extent. Paid features can be used for 30 days, so you can fully test paid features.

Supported SNS are as follows.

* Facebook – Post to your profile, page (Free), and in groups (Premium)
* Twitter – Post to your Twitter account
* Google My Business (Premium) – Post to your Business Listing on Google
* LinkedIn – Post to your profile (Free) or page (Premium)
* XING – Post to your profile (Free), page (Premium), and in groups (Premium)
* Instagram – Post to your Business Account (Premium)
* Pinterest – Post to all your different Pinboards (Free)
* Imgur – Post to your Imgur profile (Free)
* Flickr – Post to your Flickr profile (Free)
* Reddit – Post to your subreddits (Free)
* – post to your profile (Free), page (Premium) or in groups (Premium)
* Medium – post to your blog post with canonical-backlinks to your original post (Free)
* Tumblr – post to your blog post with canonical-backlinks to your original post (Free)
* Torial – post to your blog post with canonical-backlinks to your original post (Free)
* Diigo – post a bookmark to your account (Free)
* Bloglovin – post to your blog post with canonical-backlinks to your original post (Free)
* Telegram – post to your Telegram groups and Telegram channels (Business)
* – post to your blog post with canonical-backlinks to your original post (Premium)
* Instapaper – post to your Instapaper account (Premium)
* Ravelry – post to your Ravelry account (Premium)






Tried it for 30 days for a fee.

This seems to be the most useful plugin to increase the flow of WordPress posts by posting them on social media.

The advantages I think are:

  • Posting on a designated SNS while publishing or pre-publishing in WordPress
  • Select existing articles and publish them on social media. At this time, you can set the time to post for each SNS, and the most popular time slot can be automatically recommended for each SNS.
  • It is easy to manage by date because you can view reservation postings on SNS as a calendar.
  • can be sent to shortcut so you can see the stats clicked



I couldn't find any functional flaws. The biggest downside is 가격이다.

In my case, the SMART plan seems to be sufficient.

  • It's a subscription and it's not cheap. 1 year subscription is SMART $79, PRO $119, BUSINESS $249
  • Strangely, when I upload to Twitter, the picture doesn't fit in large.




I saw the clicks on before subscribing to the plugin for a fee.

I don't use social media very much, so the number of clicks on posts on my social media feed was too small. I also created a new Telegram channel and exposed it on my blog, but there were no subscribers.

My social media marketing was meaningless. So, I decided not to pay for a subscription. I just decided to upload it to Twitter and Facebook for a while as I think it would be meaningful to grow my social media.

If you are thinking about social media content marketing, it is good to post content while increasing social media friends. If you are marketing a website made with WordPress for SNS content, it would be good to use this plugin.


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