Transfer without real OTP in KB Securities Marvel app (mobile OTP)

When transferring 100 million won or more to another bank or brokerage firm in the KB Securities Marvel app, you must enter the OTP. I found a way to make this simple.



KB Securities transfer limit by security level

KB Securities transfer limit by security levelis different for each grade.

Classification of transaction medium security level security medium Level 1 (OTP card) 2nd grade
(Security card + SMS, mobile OTP)
Level 3 (Security Card)
internet banking
1rd time 1 billion won 5 million won 1 million won
1 일 5 billion won 2 million won 5 million won





OTP required when transferring more than 100 million won from KB Securities' Marvel app to another bank

If you look at the transfer limit by security level of KB Securities, there is no content that OTP is required for transfers of 100 million won or more. When I contacted the customer center, they said that if I registered for biometric authentication, I could use it without OTP every time, but I don't know why. Is it because it's a non-face-to-face account?

If you have registered OTP, you can register biometric authentication and use it without OTP for less than 1 million won per time and 1 million won per day.

If you have registered the simple authentication number, you can omit the OTP and use it without going through the first time until 1 won per time and 1 won or less per day.


Anyway, when I transfer money from the KB Securities Marvel app to another bank or brokerage company, it asks for the OTP number every time it is over 100 million won. I have to take out the real OTP from my wallet, but it's so annoying every time.

Utilize Toss Bank's interest rate of 2.0%To do this, stock deposits are put in Toss Bank collection. When purchasing, transfer from Toss Bank to the KB Securities trust account. The remaining amount after buying or selling is sent to Toss Bank, and it asks for the OTP number each time.

I was looking at the OTP menu of the KB Securities Marvel app to see if there is an easy way, and I found the mobile OTP and tried it once, and I was able to transfer it easily.




Mobile OTP in KB Securities Marvel App


Authenticate with password without physical OTP on mobile

I am using the OTP that I applied for when opening Kakao Bank and registered it with KB Securities. If you use KB Securities' mobile OTP, you can easily authenticate without a physical OTP medium on KB Securities Mobile.



KB Securities mobile OTP transfer limit: 1 million won per time, 5 million won per day


Issuing mobile OTP in KB Securities Marvel app

If you have registered an external OTP, you must first cancel the external OTP registered in the KB Securities Marvel app before you can register a mobile OTP.

  1. From the menu, tap Customer Service > KB Mobile Certificate > OTP > Mobile OTP > 'Issue Reissuance'.
  2. Authenticate with your mobile phone and verify your identity with your resident registration card or driver's license.
  3. Enter the mobile OTP password to complete the issuance.




Transferring to another bank / other securities

You do not need to take out the actual OTP when transferring.

Enter your account password, enter your mobile OTP password, and click the Create OTP button.


made easy


Security is as dangerous as it is convenient, but there are more reasons to take good care of your smartphone.


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