The change of Pongjjak tapes at highway rest stops, CD, USB, what's next?

On my way to the countryside, I stopped by a highway rest area. There is a shop with trot music near any rest stop or toilet. It sells hats, car accessories, and mulberry tape. There are so many interesting things that I always stand and watch when I go to the bathroom.

This time, when I looked closely at the sales stand with the ppongjjak tape, I found that it was a USB, not a CD.




Rest Area Pongjjak Tape

Back in the days when there were cassette tapes for cars, Pongjjak at rest stops was also a cassette tape.

It is an exciting trot music that comes out when you get on a tour bus.


(photo source)




Rest Area Pongjjak CD

As car audio changed from tapes to CDs, Pongjjak tapes at highway service stations also changed to CDs.

(photo source)



Not all cars changed from tapes to CDs at once, so they sold both tapes and CDs at rest stops.

The CD seems a bit outdated.

With the advent of mp3, it became possible to store mp3 files, which are digital files, on CDs. And Car Audio's CD player can read mp3 files.

In the process of changing from analog to digital, media began to provide digital files.





Rest Area Pongjjak USB

Just like desktop computers and laptops do not have CD players these days, car audio in new cars does not have a CD player, only a USB port.


The rest area ppongjjak media adapt quickly.

They sell highway pongjjak in USB.



When I got closer, I looked at the price and it was 3 won each.

USB's are cheap these days, but I think it's because copyright is included.




What is the next media to contain the expressway ppongjjak? It depends on what the media of car audio will be changed to.

In the near future, USB Type A may change to USB Type C.

Cars these days have a cell phone number and are connected to the Internet. So they might sell code that can be downloaded or streamed from the cloud.

They might sell album codes from Apple Music or Melon, not Internet Drive.

Otherwise, the Pongjjak shop at the highway rest area may disappear. The car contains Apple Music or Melon, so you might sell a highway medley album in it.




As the music media in automobiles changed from cassette tapes to CDs and USBs, the media of ppongjak tapes at highway rest areas also changed. The content has not changed much, but the media has changed according to the changes in technology and the market, and even the same content follows the changes in the container.


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