Remove Safari Tab Bar Theme Color (iPhone, iPad, Mac)

on September 2021, 9 update to safari 15 A function to apply color to the upper tab bar was added.



safari themed color

Safari theme color refers to applying the color of a web page to the tab bar of the Safari browser.

This seems to have made the site's color identity visible at the top of Safari. In particular, when scrolling in a situation where only Safari is visible on the entire screen on a small screen such as an iPhone, a color theme is applied to the top.


Safari applies the following code to the HTML meta tag. In the absence of this meta tag, Safari automatically chooses among the colors of the content.



I have captured a few sites that reflect the color theme. In terms of color, it looks pretty. There is also consistency.


If there is no color meta tag, it seems to apply the top color. Sometimes the Apple site is black and sometimes it doesn't. Sony is reflected in black.


My blog has a white background, so the safari tab bar is also white.

I think the cooler it is, the better.


But when you look at it, it's pretty, but every time you visit the site from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, the color of the top changes makes me crazy.

Since the iPhone is full of Safari on one screen, if you only use Safari, it might be good to color-code which site you are using, but Macs have a large screen, so you use multiple apps. So every time you change the website, the top bar changes color, which makes it even more crazy.

A pretty and fun color theme is also good, but it is difficult to concentrate on the content, and the tab bar is hard to see because of the color.

So I looked for a way to turn it off.



Turn off color of safari tab bar on mac

You can turn it off in Safari preferences.

  1. Open Safari Preferences.
  2. You can do this by opening a tab and turning off 'Show colors in tab bar' under the tab layout.




Turn off Safari tab bar color on iPhone and iPad

On an iPhone or iPad, you can turn it on or off in your device's settings.

  1. open the settings app
  2. open safari in settings
  3. Just turn off 'Allow website tint' in the tabbed section.



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