Jeju Jungmun Saekdal Beach Cafe on the hill, Bada 2822 Cafe

Jeju Jungmun Saekdal Beach is a great place to see the beach and the sea in Seogwipo. The name of Saekdal Beach was Jungmun Beach, but it was changed to Saekdal Beach because the area where the beach is located is Saekdal-dong.

From Saekdal Beach, you can see the blue sky and the horizon, as well as Marado and Gapado Island.

The Cliff, which is near the entrance to Saekdal Beach, is a good place to see the sea without going down to the beach. It wasn't like that before, but this year, they put their chairs in the sea view, so the space you can just walk in has decreased. It seems that it is because the scenery is a place of commercial value. There are a lot of people here and the music is loud.

If you don't like loud music, the cafe on the hill of Saekdal Beach is good. Bada 2822 Cafeis the name

When I came here a long time ago, the place was just a local sushi restaurant. I've only been there once, but I think it was a bit scary.

I don't know when, but a cafe has opened on the beach.


From the entrance of Saekdal Beach, there is a walking path that goes up to the top of the beach.

If you go up to the top, the view is good, but the land on the sea side is all in the sea 2822 cafe area, so it is blocked from entering. Here, too, the prospect is of commercial value.


Bada 2822 Cafe is located on Saekdal Beach, so you can see this view.

The ants on the sea are surfers surfing. There are always a few in winter.


Coffee is expensive. The Americano is 6,000 won for hot and 6,500 won for ice.

Considering that the entrance fee to see the sea is included, it is not worth it.

I went to Bada 2822 Cafe with a friend who came to Jeju in the fall.

We each went to work together, but we couldn't work. The sea and sky were so pretty, we just had coffee and chatted outdoors.

It was a good thing it was cloudy in the afternoon, but when the clouds cleared, my eyes were dazzling. It is better to bring sunglasses.


You can also see the sunset from here.

However, instead of falling into the sea in front of you, you see the sea and set to the right of Sambangsan Mountain. This is because Seogwipo is south of Jeju. To see it fall into the sea, you have to go to the west side of Jeju, Aewol.


If you come to the Jungmun area of ​​Seogwipo, Jeju, it would be good to visit at least once.


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