Can I buy Kiwoom Securities on the same day with the sold amount after selling US stocks?

I signed up for Kiwoom Securities and received $40. Since it is free money, I am trying to trade without any burden such as stop loss and profit loss.






Kiwoom Securities U.S. stocks can be withdrawn 3 business days after sale

After selling US stocks, withdrawals are possible at D+3 business days. Domestic stocks are after 2 business days.

If you sold US stocks on Monday, you can withdraw from Thursday. When calculating D+3 days, it seems that it is 3 days after the date of sale.




Kiwoom Securities U.S. stocks can be purchased on the same day with the sold amount

Some brokerages allow you to buy back the stock with the amount you sold. I wondered if Kiwoom Securities could buy other stocks with the sale price after selling US stocks.

I looked for help on the Kiwoom Securities website, but couldn't find it. I just made a stop loss and tried to buy another stock.


In my case, I could buy in dollars equal to the amount of dollars I sold.

I don't know if you buy US stocks in won instead of dollars.


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