Applying a fine background font for Hangeul Day

In celebration of Hangeul Day, the font of the blog good fontin fine background fontchanged to

This blog has been operating since 2005, and I have captured it as it is my own record.



New from Naver Maruburi I tried to change it to a font, but it's too plain. I think it would be good to use it as an ebook text. So, I applied the fine background font that I usually wished for.



(fine background @ google font)



If you go to the Noonnura site, you can test Korean fonts more easily than on the Google Fonts site. Like the Google Fonts site, the website also provides web fonts.




The font for the main body of my blog posts has been using Myeongjo font for a long time.

In fact, on the monitor, the gothic font is more readable than the Myeongjo font with salam. So, not only software and sites, but also PowerPoint uses gothic font.

The order has been changed, but in the analog world, the title uses a gothic font like a signboard or cover, and the text with a lot of content uses a Myeongjo font. If you look at paper books, most of the book covers are in gothic font, and the body text is in Myeongjo font. I've seen a lot of Myeongjo font signs lately, but it's good because it's rather new.

These days, the resolution or even hz of computers and smartphones has increased, so that it can be compared with paper. The turning point, in my experience, is the MacBook's Retina display and the iPhone 4. After looking at the iPhone 4 screen, the iPhone 3GS looks blurry. Retina displays competed with paper. People's visual perception seems to go up but not go down.

So, even when reading e-books, I try to change the font to the Myeongjo font series to get the feel of a paper book as much as possible.

For this reason, the main body of my blog also uses Myeongjo font.

This time, I changed the font to a fine font, and it looks good to me. I am the top user of my blog, so my satisfaction is important. 😆


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