Recliner Folding Zero Gravity Chair

I sit on a camping chair in the parking lot of my Jeju house and read a book or use my iPhone.

I recently broke my chair while sitting on my back. I was looking for a camping armchair to buy a new one and found a good one.

소위 zero gravity chair이다.

A chair that tilts back 170 degrees, a cloth cushion, and a mobile phone and drink stand are in one set.

There is an additional delivery fee to Jeju Island, so I ordered one at my Seoul house.


All of these are from China. ali expressI looked it up and it came out as a garden chair.

Without a cover, it looks like a camping or garden chair.

I thought it would be nice to have a cover in winter, so I bought it together and it seems to work well. The first time I put it on, it smelled bad. It did get better after a while.



It's really comfortable. Neither lying down nor sitting.

However, since the cover is thin, I sometimes feel the frame touch.

The frame doesn't look that weak, but it doesn't look very sturdy either.


I thought the picture I was sitting in was terrible, so I brought a picture.



(photo source)



Looking at the reviews, there are people who put it in a warehouse or one side of an office or store and use it for a short break, and it seems to be used as a gift for parents or at a camping trip.

It's a garden chair, so it doesn't look like furniture used at home.

It can be folded and stored. If you want to use it at home, you can fold it or use it as a chair if your wife or mother say something, and then flip it over.


Even though it was made in China, the chairs were cheaper in Korean shopping malls than on Ali Express.




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