U.S. stocks, KB Securities transfer time limit warning “Not available time”

KB Securities transferred dollarsYou can buy US stocks in dollars, but you can buy US stocks in won if you turn on Global One Market. However Global One Market is a problem that after buying in dollars, you can buy in won a few days later.there is

Due to the mutant virus on July 7, when US stocks were time-sale, you could only buy with the dollars you had, so you could not buy more. So, when you plan to buy, you buy in won and put the deposit in your CMA account. But this time there is a problem.




The deposit is placed in the CMA account and transferred to the trust account only when purchasing.

Deposits are deposited into CMA accounts. securities company This is because deposit interest on deposits is very low compared to CMA.. I don't trade stocks often, so I put the deposits in a CMA account and transfer them to a trust account only when I buy them.

If you set the balance of the trust account to 0, you can't buy even if you want to, and if you move only enough money to the trust account, you can only buy within it, so budget management is forced.

I try to make a plan in advance and make a trade in order not to make a deal. So, plan in advance which stocks to buy and for how many weeks, and move the won.



KB Securities transfer error “Not available for processing”

Something embarrassing happened this time. I tried to do a transfer because I did not transfer it in advance, but the transfer was not possible in MTS, the Marvel app of KB Securities.

To transfer from my CMA account to my trust account where I trade stocks.

It says "Not available processing time".



What if I do US stocks at dawn, but I can't transfer at dawn?

I was momentarily confused.



KB Securities Transfers are not allowed for 11 minutes from 46:00 pm to 14:30 pm

I couldn't find it by searching, but I was able to find it by clicking the information icon on the account transfer screen.


Transfer Notes

  • You can transfer from 00:15 to 23:45 within the limit for each security medium level of the customer. However, in the case of corporations, transfers are possible from 07:00 to 23:30, and substitutions are possible from 07:00 to 23:45.



The security media rating is OTP, so it is the highest media rating.

After 12:15 in the morning, I made a transfer and bought US stocks.

This time seems to be the time to check the system.

I can't transfer for 30 minutes, so I'll have to transfer it to a trust account in advance.


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