Public offering schedule calendar

The first thing to do when subscribing for IPO shares is to see which stocks are subscribed in the IPO schedule and analyze the stocks.

You can also check the schedule of IPO stocks on the securities company app, but it is not easy to see because it is listed and there are various listing information such as stocks with real rights.

I would like to see the competition schedule on a monthly calendar.

Economic and Stock CalendarAlthough sometimes large IPOs like Kakao Bank are listed, most are global economic indicators and corporate activities. So, I use a site where I can see the subscription schedule for domestic IPOs on a monthly calendar and also see detailed information about the stock. Here are the sites and YouTubers I use most often.




38Communication open call calendar

38Communications IPO/Public Offering Calendaris in the form of a monthly calendar for easy viewing.


The information on stocks is well-received, and since they are unlisted companies, you can also see the over-the-counter trading prices and compare them with the public offering price.




IPOStock IPO Calendar


ipostock IPO calendarYou can view demand forecast, subscription, listing, and refund schedule on a calendar.




Stock Aesori Youtube


stock soundis video content, unlike the above information site, but it is good to check the necessary schedule.

Not only the schedule, but also stock analysis and institutional demand forecasting results are well explained.




I take a quick look at the event information in the calendars of the two sites above. After that, I watch the video introduced by the Stock Aesori YouTuber, select candidates, and move the stocks I'm interested in to my calendar.



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