Subscription for public offering: From schedule confirmation to subscription and sale

It is quite interesting to sign up for a public offering for a conversation with my brother.

Although they earn chicken and beef prices from coffee prices, they get to know new companies, check the competition rate, and taste the joy of winning. The date of listing is marked on the schedule and sometimes waiting.

Although some invest in stocks with high competition for general subscription, there are many cases where it is difficult to win one share because the investment amount is small even if you try to be proportional. Efforts are low compared to efforts, so we try to effectively subscribe for public offerings. At first, it took me a while because I didn't know it well, but now I think I've set the procedure to some extent.





Selection of public offering stocks


Confirmation of the tendering schedule for public offering shares

You can check the IPO schedule on the securities company app, but check the schedule on the monthly calendar at the following site.




Stock survey

public offering calendarCheck stocks and research the stocks you are interested in. You should also look at what the company is doing, and see how its finances are and whether it is in line with the sectors or stocks that are emerging at this time, and so on.


Public offering share subscription information site

Basic information about the event can be viewed on the above two sites.


news, stock broadcasting

Search news about a technology or company you are not familiar with, or search for securities broadcasts from YouTube.

However, in news articles and broadcasts from securities companies, reporters' articles or comments about the listing of large corporations like Lotte Rental are excluded.


public offering youtube

The public offering YouTuber explains in detail the subscription schedule, stock analysis, and institutional demand results. The IPO YouTubers I see are:




Check the result of public offering institutional demand forecast

Check the demand forecast results for the stocks you are interested in.


It is also convenient to search and view news articles.



Confirmation of competition rate for general subscription of public offering shares

In the case of public offering shares, the general subscription competition rate determines the winner or loser. It seems. The final decision is made based on the general subscription competition rate.

Subscriptions for public offering shares usually take two days, but the decision is almost made when it is past 2 pm or in the morning of the second day.


brokerage app

At this time, you can see the subscription competition rate in real time on the securities company app you use.

The problem is that when there are multiple brokerage firms, it is not easy to search by opening each brokerage app.



YouTube real-time competition rate live

There is a YouTuber who summarizes the competition rate by securities company for each IPO stock in real time. I complicity jurin Check it out on YouTube. Then, the competition rate of each securities company is updated in real time as shown below.

In particular, it calculates the equal amount and how much to receive one share, so you can see how much you will put in if you want to receive a proportionate amount.

In real-time chat, you can hear the stories of people who subscribe to public offerings, and it's good that YouTubers sometimes answer questions.



Make an offer for public offering


Deciding which securities company to subscribe to

Securities companies that can subscribe by opening an account during the subscription period for public offering shares However, most of them have to be opened before the subscription start date.

When subscribing for public offering shares, the fee is 1000 to 2000 won. If the public offering price is small in equal measure, the fee of 2000 is not small.

Among the securities companies of the stock you wish to subscribe to Free of charge for subscription for public offering stock brokerage and fee waiver make sure it is



Determination of the number of IPO shares: whether to be equal or proportional

Equity is 10 shares, so you don't need a lot of money in many cases.

If you're sure, add proportions. Competition for the ratio is fierce, so even if you put in tens of thousands of won to 1 million won, you may not be able to receive a share. I have to decide which stock to put the proportion on at a level I can afford.


Determine the securities company by looking at the competition rate by each securities company

When subscribing for public offering stocks, securities companies are divided into a representative managing securities company, a jointly managing company, and an acquiring company.
There are many representative securities firms and companies in charge of construction, while the rest are small in quantity.

Whether it is equal or proportional, it is determined by the competition rate of each securities company and the number of stocks I subscribed to. Therefore, you should select a brokerage firm by looking at the competition rate of the final brokerage firm.

For example, the number of stocks allocated to each subscribed securities company and each securities company of LG Energy Solution is as follows.

brokerage number of shares allocated
KB Securities Representative managing company 4,869,792
Shinhan Investment co-hosted company 2,434,896
Daishin Securities 2,434,896
Mirae Asset Securities acquisition company 221,354
Hana Financial Investment 221,354
Shinyoung Securities 221,354
Hi Investment & Securities 221,354


그리고 아래는 증권사별 균등수량 경쟁률이다. 미래에셋증권 균등수량은 0.29주로 1주가 안된다. 즉 미래에셋증권에 균등으로 10주만 청약해봤자 1주를 못 받는다.   아래는 2일차 데이터인데, 첫날에도 1주가 안됐다.

미래에셋계좌에 1억 5천만원 넣고 1000주 청약해서 3주 받은 사람이 있다.  같은 금액으로 다른 증권사에서 11주 받은 사람도 있으니 급하다고 가지고 있는 계좌에 넣었다고 하는데 증권사 선정이 중요하다.



Considering proportions?

In proportion, the number of shares that can be received for the number of shares subscribed is calculated according to the proportional competition rate for each securities company, and the probability of a lottery occurs.

The lottery is not rounded off, but a lottery value of 0.6.

If you subscribe for the number of shares that can receive 0.6 shares, you may or may not receive 1 share by drawing a lottery. If you can't put in a margin to receive 0.6 shares, just equalize. It is inefficient to subscribe for 100 or 200 shares without calculating this.

For example, if you apply for LG Energy Solution through public offering, the offering price is 30 won, so the equalization is at least 10 weeks, so 50% of the margin is 150 million won.

In order to receive 0.6 shares in proportion from KB Securities, you must subscribe for 86.12 shares. Then, you may or may not receive 1 week in a lottery. You cannot subscribe for exactly 86 weeks. The unit differs according to the number of shares at the time of subscription for each securities company. Usually, up to 100 shares can be subscribed in units of 10, and beyond that, it is changed in units of 50 or 100 shares. Therefore, you can subscribe for the number of shares including this number of shares.

If you have more money, you can aim for 1.6 weeks. Then, you will receive 1 share in proportion, and a lottery will be drawn for 0.6 shares. You must subscribe for 1.6 shares to receive 229.66 shares. Depending on the unit, 229.66 shares must be subscribed to secure 250 shares.

(Source: Captured YouTube video of the contest Jurin)


It all depends on how confident you are with the stock and how much cash you can put in as margin. At first, I was worried about what to do if I really won all the prizes, but since there is such a thing as competition, there is no need to worry.

In order to receive 1.6 shares in proportion, there are also stocks that receive 6,000 share by investing KRW 1 million.


On the first day, I subscribe for 10 weeks equally to the securities company I subscribe to.

Then, before 2 o'clock on the second day, the last day of the subscription date, I calculate the amount I can put in from the proportional competition rate of the brokerage company I want to put in, decide the number of shares to subscribe, cancel the subscription, and subscribe again. It is decided by the number of stocks with a little leeway around 4 o'clock. If it is close to 3 o'clock, the server may explode or slow down, so you may not be able to subscribe.



Subscription margin transfer

If the brokerage company to subscribe to does not have a deposit, the subscription margin is transferred to that account.



make a subscription

Once you have decided on the number of shares with the brokerage company, you can subscribe.


This completes the bidding process.


Announcement of subscription results

Subscription results come as text messages or KakaoTalk message notifications.

Each brokerage is different. Some brokerage firms announced the results of the subscription on the same day, and some brokerage firms notify you when it is refunded.



Check margin refund date and next subscription date

The refund date is usually the 2nd day after the end of the subscription. If it closes on Wednesday, it will be refunded on Friday.

At this time, if there is an item to be proportional among the items to be subscribed for, check the subscription date of the item and the refund date of the item to which the proportion is currently applied. This is because you can put the proportion back into the refunded money.





when to sell

There are several stocks that are not sold on the same day, some stocks have fallen more than their offering price, and some stocks have a drop in yield from 130% to 30%. ㅠㅠ

This blog's IPO strategyIt is said that the highest profit was achieved almost on the day of the listing, except for Kakao Bank, at the time of sale.

Therefore, in principle, the sale is made on the day of listing.


8:50am ~ 9:00pm

Look at the price and decide whether it is good or bad.


9:00 See the market price and place a sell

If it is depreciated, sell at the upper limit. Normally, if it is amortized, VI is triggered within 1 minute and trading is not possible. From October 2021, 10, the trading will be faster if VI is not activated on the day of listing.


If it exceeds 9:10 or 30, the selling price is determined by looking at the flow of the KOSPI/KOSDAQ index.

Public offerings appear to be less affected by the index. But after 9:30, the open teeth seem to fall off. Determine the selling price based on the index flow report.

I think that if it doesn't sell at the price I think it's going to take it, so I don't sell it and keep it, but there are a few stocks that fall further or do not come close to the public offering price.

Even if it's a good stock, I think it's better to dispose of it and buy it again because there is an expectation of listing on the day of the listing. but that's not really good



Dasang, what is the return?

What if the price is doubled (the upper limit after the opening price is formed)? The yield is 2% of the IPO price.

For example, the IPO price of LG Energy Solution is 30 won, so the share price is 78 won and the profit amount is 48 won.

Public offering price 30 won → If winning, starting price 60 won → Prize (30%): 78 won


If the bid price is doubled (the opening price is formed by doubling the IPO price, the upper limit for two days in a row), the return is 2% of the IPO price.

If you consider that the next day's opening price is 30% of the opening price, and the opening price is the previous day's price, the yield is 238%.

For example, the IPO price of LG Energy Solution is 30 won, so if you win 78 won, if you hit the upper limit the next day, the stock price will be 101.4 million won, and the profit amount will be 238 won, 714,000% of the IPO price.

78 won * 1.3 = 101.4 million won




To re-arrange it:

I look at the public offering calendar and move the subscription schedule for the stocks I think is good among stocks to my stock calendar.

Then, look at the stock analysis organized in the YouTuber stock appraisal. If necessary, talent investment and public offering Jurin scan the stock analysis and demand forecasting results of YouTubers.

After selecting candidates and viewing the general general subscription rate of YouTubers on the first day of subscription, the public offering narrows down the candidates for which category to put in proportion.

On the 2nd day of the subscription, the competition rate is finally checked in the afternoon, and the public offering stock to which the subscription is to be made equal and proportional is finally decided and subscribed.

In the early days, I didn't know the industry or the company's industry or technology, so I studied stocks for a long time. However, I try to spend the least amount of time because I subscribe almost equally and occasionally do proportionality.


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