How to check the balance of the COVID-19 co-prosperity national subsidy, the additional usage amount/performance/expected/payment cashback amount of the win-win consumption subsidy (Lotte Card)

covid-19 Win-win National SupportWin-Win Consumption Subsidy Both applied with Lotte Card. The name is confusing, but the win-win national subsidy is a credit card company that supports 25 won, and the livelihood consumption subsidy provides up to 2 won if you spend 3% more than the 20nd quarter usage performance.

In the early days of the Win-Win National Support Fund, you could check the balance using the card text message, but now you can check it on the app. In addition, you can check the performance of the win-win consumption subsidy.



Check the balance of the national support fund for win-win growth on the Lotte Card app


  1. In the Lotte Card app, press the hamburger icon menu in the upper right corner.
  2. In the My tab, click 'Corona Coexistence National Support Fund'.
  3. You can check the usage amount and balance by clicking 'Search' and 'Usage History'.



Check the amount, performance, and expected cashback amount to be used in addition to the win-win consumption subsidy on the Lotte Card app


  1. In the Lotte Card app, press the hamburger icon menu in the upper right corner.
  2. Click 'People's Support for Mutual Growth' in the My tab
  3. If you click Search, you can check the additional amount to be used, performance, and expected cashback amount.




Coexistence Consumption Subsidy Subsidy Payment Date

When a subsidy (cashback) occurs, it is automatically paid to the card of the dedicated card company on the 15th of the following month.

  • October performance: 10 (Mon)
  • November performance: 11 (Wednesday)


The maximum payment limit is 10 won per month.




The win-win consumption subsidy can be received by spending more than usual. Just like checking the performance of the card company, if you check in the app and the required expenditure is not this amount, you may not need to worry about it.


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