Mirae Asset Securities' My Customer Rating

When applying for public offering Fees according to each securities company’s ratingand transfer fees are waived, so I check my customer level before subscribing. Sometimes I can't remember where to check, so I put it together.



Subscription fee and transfer fee for securities account for subscription to public offering shares

I have been using Mirae Asset Securities for over 10 years, but recently moved to KB Securities due to fees and use it when subscribing for public offerings.

It is not a securities account containing deposits, but a subscription fee and a transfer fee when subscribing for public offering shares.

The subscription fee for Mirae Asset Securities is 2000 won.

Also, when refunding, I designate it as KB Securities, but if the customer rating is low, a fee will be charged.

If an individual's customer level is silver or higher, the fee is waived, and the transfer fee is also exempted.

so Mirae Asset Customer Level Silver Conditions Check and check the grade when applying.



How to check my rating of Mirae Asset Securities

In the Mirae Asset Securities app, you can check your rating in My Information.


  1. Tap My Home in the tabs below and tap the My icon in the upper right corner.
  2. My grade is displayed in My Grade in My Information.


click on rating Service Tiers and Benefits Information Web Pagecomes out


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