Solicitation of Zhangjiajie in China

I went on a trip to Beijing, Zhangjiajie, China with my family for 4 days and 5 nights.

Zhangjiajie (張家界) is not the store of the Zhang clan, but the place where many of the Zhang clan lived, so it is called Zhangjiajie.

Zhangjiajie was a place where you could get a different feeling from Korea because of the very high and rough mountains. According to the guide, Zhangjiajie was originally a place where bandits lived. The mountain was high, so I thought it might have been a stronghold of bandits.

“Life is not good, life is not good. (If a person has not been to Zhangjiajie since he was born, how can he be said to be old when he turns 100?). It really shows how beautiful Zhangjiajie is.




There were guides in Beijing and Zhangjiajie, but before going to Zhangjiajie, the guide in Beijing told me to be careful as there are many vendors who say that if you go to Zhangjiajie, there are a lot of vendors.

Arriving at Zhangjiajie, the guide's attention was similar.


“Be sure to take the goods and then give them the money. If you give money first, they will ask you when you received it and will not give you anything.”

“There is a kiln on the mountain, and the kiln said it was full because it was full. XNUMX won, XNUMX won, so it’s XNUMX thousand won.”

“I put a small ladder in a good spot on the mountain, they said they would take a picture, and after taking a picture, they asked me for XNUMX won”

“Take a picture in advance and make a key ring and ask them to give you XNUMX won”

“There are women in Chinese clothes, and after taking a picture with them, they ask for XNUMX won.”




They say that you should change a lot of 6 won bills when you go to China, but I think it's because almost everything is sold in XNUMX won units in tourist destinations like this. It is said that it has been XNUMX years since Koreans came to Zhangjiajie, but Westerners hardly saw it and only heard the sound of a thousand won.


At Cheonjasan, Dong-seo wanted to buy chestnuts because the colander full of them was worth XNUMX won. When the chestnuts in the colander were half-packed in a plastic bag, I unintentionally handed them XNUMX won. In Korea, isn't it often the case that when you buy something, you put money first? I was careful, but the money was handed over with peace of mind as it contained items.

I put it in a plastic bag and stopped packing the chestnuts every time I got the money. Oops! Even if you ask for everything, they won't give it to you. It's totally guts.

We suffered too. Because of this, my brother was teased throughout our trip to China^^


We were just laughing and talking with our family after we had just suffered, and a child was holding on to the trousers of his Korean grandfather, who was a tourist, and was paying thousands and thousands of dollars.

And below that, two Chinese women were singing a Korean trot in front of the toilet, and in front of them were grandmothers and grandfathers dancing. The guide sucks. When the song is over, I ask the person who listened to the song to give me XNUMX won.


I saw something like this at a photo shoot.
I was having an affair with a Korean guy and a young Chinese guy. “It’s twenty four quarters, but it’s the same. You didn't take a picture!" Next to him, a young Chinese man said, “I took a picture, XNUMX won, XNUMX won,” and went about two hundred meters like that, and when the aunt next to him gave him XNUMX won, the young Chinese turned around.


Zhangjiajie was a beautiful place. I was able to see such a mountain range that I couldn't really see in Korea.


As soon as we arrive, we will shout, “Wow! That's why Zhangjiajie tourism is also called wu tourism.

By the way, it seems that the janitors in this beautiful place are much worse than when I went on a training trip.

It's a place where you can never give money first, so basically, you don't trust each other when you trade.


The first thing I said to my sister-in-law who came to meet me as soon as I arrived in Korea was XNUMX won and XNUMX won.

March 2007, 3 MBC News Desperate solicitation, “Unpleasant!” I watched the broadcast. The fact is that the solicitation has become more severe due to the poor economy in our country, and people are displeased and do not want to go.


When I saw this broadcast, I suddenly felt a bit lonely as the capital of Korea, Seoul, overlapped with Zhangjiajie, which is a rural area in China.

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