lumbar spine stretching exercise equipment

I was in bed for 5 days with a back sprain (acute lumbar sprain).A friend gave me a present.





spine is S-shaped

The spine is S-shaped and has muscles attached to it. It's an amazing structure. Nature is not a straight line, but a stable curved shape.



The spine erects the upper body. The ribs that protect the heart are attached to this vertebrae, but it is said that the lumbar vertebrae do not lean on the lower back, so they are supported only by muscles. Therefore, if the neck is pushed forward like a turtle neck and the chest is not straightened, the weight of the upper body, the lumbar spine, must be endured, but a little attached muscle has to endure it without a leaning base such as ribs.

That is why it is not good for the spine to do not straighten the chest with a crooked neck, and it seems to cause problems such as a herniated disc as it puts too much strain on the lower back. Then the pain is also pain, but the upper body cannot stand up.

So, it seems that you need to do some stretching throughout the day to straighten your spine.



cat stretch

My favorite stretch in the morning is the cat pose. In English, it is called the cat cow pose, and the way the back is raised is the shape of the cow's back, and the opposite is the posture that the cat stretches, hence the name.

The method is simple.

In OTL position, lift your back up and make a round up. Then, in reverse, lower your back like a cat.

The back is cool.

Try doing this and watch your cat stretch to see how much your cat's waist curves. 😆




Lie on your back and back

The cat stretch is when I use force to lower my back, while using this device, I just lie down on it.

The instrument seems to be more effective. I usually do stretching stretching my back occasionally, but doing this is different. I feel that my back is curved, not straight.

The device is adjustable in height. My friend says I do it at level 1, but I do it at level 2. I've tried step 3 and it's still sore.

I was going to take a picture of me lying down, but the following link explains it well, so I did it instead.





Stretch your back and raise your back

I stretched my back and chest, so I think I have to do the opposite for some reason, so I straighten my back in the cow pose.




Lie on the chair and drink your back

According to the product description, you can place it on a chair and drink it on your back.
I put it on my chair and laid it on my back, but already The chair has a part that supports the lumbar spine. I don't feel uncomfortable




There are many products with similar functions.

I've been looking for it on aliexpress, and it's still there. Also, the price is very cheap. The downside is that free shipping takes about 2 weeks.


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