The role of the credit card company in charge of the COVID-19 win-win consumption subsidy and precautions when using it

2021 months from October to November 10 Win-Win Consumption Subsidycan receive the name is a little different National Support for Mutual Growth As in, there is a condition that you have to pay more rather than receive it if you apply.




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Win-Win Consumption Subsidy


Up to 2 won for 3 months for 2% more than the average monthly usage in the second quarter

2% of the increase over 3% of the average monthly use of credit and debit cards in the second quarter of this year up to 10 won per person per month will be charged to the card.

Since it is implemented for 2 months, you can receive a maximum of 10 won per month and a maximum of 20 won per month.



The average monthly usage is not for individual cards, but for all my credit and debit cards.

You can think of finding the card company you used the least and using it 3% more than that. However I asked a comment on the blog post. Not individual card companies, but all my cards.

So you don't have to look for the least used card.



The application for the win-win support fund must be submitted to the credit card company.

There are 9 credit card companies that can apply.

Lotte Card, BC Card, Samsung Card, Shinhan Card, Woori Card, Hana Card, Hyundai Card, KB Kookmin Card, NH Nonghyup Card





The subsidy goes to the credit card company that applied for it.

If the condition for receiving the subsidy is to receive 10 won twice a month, the amount will be credited to the credit card company that applied for it. And you can use that card.



The role of the dedicated credit card company

National Support for Mutual Growthis being used by applying to the credit card company.

The amount of money that can be used simply by applying for the win-win national support fund is limited to the credit card company, but in this case, you need to spend more money. So what do credit card companies do?


Calculates the average amount spent on all cards I used in the second quarter of this year

Since it's the second quarter, do I have to find all the card statements I used in April and June and average them?

no. The credit card company that applied for it does this. That's why I thought it was called a dedicated credit card company. Korea is also an IT powerhouse. I don't know if the card companies are giving out information or if they are collecting card information in one place for the My Data business and taking it from there.

It seems that the elites of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance asked the credit card companies to make this amount.



It calculates how much more you need to spend than the average amount used in the second quarter to receive 2 won per month.

To be precise, 2% of the increase over 3% of my average monthly usage in Q10 is up to 1 per month per person.

There is no need to spend more as it only allows up to 10% of the 11% increment per month for 2 months in October and November. But how much more do you have to spend to get 3 won?

I don't even need to calculate this.

It is shown by the credit card company that applied for it.


I applied to Lotte Card, and the next Inquiry of the win-win consumption subsidy confirmed by Lotte Card it is information


The Ministry of Strategy and Finance also made it as complicated as the credit card company. It may not have been made by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, but it may have been made and proposed by a credit card company.

It is similar to spending only 30 won if you spend 30 won or more at a credit card company to get discounts or points. This is called a cherry picker. Of course, credit card companies don't like it. Therefore, credit card companies do not try hard to show the items or amounts that are recognized for their performance.

However, this win-win consumption subsidy allows card companies to know better for Cherry Picker users. The credit card company seems to have done this for two months.



You can apply for a dedicated credit card company with the credit card company you use most.

There is no need to select the card company that used the least in the second quarter, so you can apply for the card company you mainly use as a dedicated card company. After all, the amount of all the credit and debit cards I use is counted, so if I apply with the card company I use most and receive 2 won, I just use that card.




Precautions when using the card


There is no need to use only the dedicated card you have applied for.

All of my cards are the target, and the card company in charge sums them up and shows them, and if I use more, they give me the amount.


You need to check the industries that are recognized for their performance and those that are excluded.

Just like credit card companies, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance has some businesses that recognize performance. Since the purpose is to revitalize the local economy and promote consumption recovery, it seems to be the local economy as much as possible, not luxury goods or automobiles.


Consumers excluding win-win support performance


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  • supermarket

    E-Mart, Homeplus, Lotte Mart, Costco

    * Including warehouse type stores
    ※ Stores that sell under their own name as a store rental company can earn performance

  • large department store

    E-Land affiliates such as Lotte, Shinsegae, Hyundai, Galleria, AK, NC

    * Outlet included
    ※ Stores that sell under their own name as a store rental company can earn performance

  • complex shopping mall

    Lotte, Shinsegae

    ※ Stores that sell under their own name as a store rental company can earn performance

  • Duty Free Shop

    duty free shop

  • Large electronics store

    Hi-Mart, Electronic Land, Samsung Digital Plaza, LG Best Shop, Apple Store, Electro Mart

  • Large general online mall

    Coupang, Gmarket Auction G9, 11st, WeMakep, Timon, Interpark, SSG, Lotte On

  • Home Shopping

    Home shopping companies (except public home shopping)

  • entertainment industry

    Danran pub, entertainment pub, room salon

  • meandering industry

    Casino, lottery room, game room

  • Others

    Purchase of new cars (domestic/imported), luxury goods store*, outdoor golf course, non-consumption expenditure**

    * Based on brands in the four major department stores (Lotte, Shinsegae, Hyundai, Galleria)
    ** Annual fee, tax, insurance, gift certificate, prepaid card charge, cash advance/card loan, card fee, etc.


I'm just curious Frequently Asked Questionslooked for it in


performance recognition

Some industries that do not meet the purpose of business among domestic credit/debit card usage*All are accepted with the exception of

* Hypermarkets, large department stores (including outlets), complex shopping malls, duty-free shops, large electronic specialty stores, large general online malls, home shopping, entertainment industry, gambling industry, new car purchase, luxury specialty store, outdoor golf course, annual fee, etc. .

For example, in industries where performance is recognized, most of the places where the win-win national subsidy is used are accepted, and in addition, medium and large supermarkets, movie theaters, delivery apps, specialized online malls, hotels and condos, large hospitals, bookstores, and private schools, and franchise stores are also recognized.


internet transaction

All internet transactions other than 'businesses excluded from earning', including 'large general online mall', are recognized as performance.

For example, a specialized online mall*(Travel, tourism, exhibition, performance, culture, sports, etc.), small and medium-sized online mall** The amount paid for, etc., is recognized as the card usage performance for the month.

* (Specialty Mall) Yellow Balloon (Travel/Tourism), Yes24 (Exhibition/Performance/Culture), Ticket Link (Performance/Exhibition/Sports), Hanssem Mall (Furniture), Baedal Minjok (Delivery), Market Kurly (Grocery) ), Yanolja (accommodation), etc.

** Local government-operated malls (Cheongpung Myeongwol Market (Chungbuk), Namdo Market (Jeonnam), Hometown Market Saiso (Gyeongbuk), etc.) and small online businesses (local agricultural and marine products sales, clothing, accommodation, etc.)


Overseas use is not counted

For the purpose of this project, only domestic card usage is accepted.



It's almost like you're concerned about your credit card performance.




It's better to do it if it's a planned expense or not


Check how much more you need to spend each month in the dedicated card company's app and match it with your spending plan

Although the Ministry of Strategy and Finance intends to promote consumption, unnecessary spending will lead to overconsumption and burden household finances.

This person spends an additional 103 won per monthThey say you can get 10 won each. In my case, I also have to spend an extra 100 won per month.

There is no need to spend more to earn an additional 10 won a month. If it is not a planned expenditure, it is better not to do it. It seems that the Ministry of Strategy and Finance's intention to promote consumption is no different from making card companies spend a lot on credit cards.

In my case, I paid my child's school fees with my wife's card, but this time I'm going to pay some of it with my card, so I think I'll be able to get a decent amount. If it wasn't originally planned like this, you could increase your consumption to get 10 won and only increase your consumption without getting 10 won.




Last year, my local wife lent me 160 million won to someone I knew, and I haven't received it yet. I couldn't work in a restaurant because of the corona virus, and my husband injured his back, so he couldn't go to his daily job and asked to borrow it because he didn't have a month's living expenses. It's been 2 years and I still can't afford to pay it back. I have neither, nor can I ask for it.

Last year, Mayor Park Won-soon of Seoul selected only those who were more difficult as in the case above, so I did not receive it. yes it's ok Don't be hard on me, as in the case above, the reason the state exists is to help people who are more difficult than me.

This time, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance selected. When I went to the market on the day before Chuseok, I saw the feeling of a great tree for the first time in decades. This is how money is released.

It seems that the reason why the Ministry of Strategy and Finance did not give 100% of the national subsidy to the people was because they were trying to do another job of paying credit card companies. In the end, it's for people who can afford to spend more.

Then the opposite effect can occur. It results in increased debt by making unnecessary expenses to receive card points. credit cards are debt.

Fortunately, you can see how much you need to spend and how much you have left on the card app, so if you don't have a plan or feel burdened with enactment, it's better not to look at this win-win consumption subsidy.


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