Free brokerage companies and how to waive fees for public offering shares

As public offering stocks are popular, securities companies are setting up online subscription fees for public offering stocks. Some brokerage firms offer free commissions, and some are exempt from commissions for preferred customers.

Investors in public offering stocks who make hundreds of millions to billions of dollars each should already be exempt from the fee per stock, but the fee of 2,000 won is not small for me, who only receives a few weeks. It is especially expensive when the listing price is low.

In some cases, there is only one securities company in charge of subscription for public offering shares, but there are cases where there are more than two. So, if possible, look for a brokerage firm that has no subscription fees or is exempted from fees because it is a preferred customer. We have summarized the brokerage companies with free commissions and the conditions for exemption so that you can find them.




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The subscription fee for public offering shares is 1,000 won to 2,000 won per case.

It's per item, so it's per item. I'm glad it's not trading volume.



The subscription fee for public offering shares will be waived if not allocated and included in the refund.

If an assignment is not made, the fee will be refunded at the same time as the refund.

The fee is the number of subscriptions, not the number of subscribed shares.



A brokerage company that offers free of charge for online public offering stock subscriptions

There is a fee when applying at the offline window. However, there are brokerage firms that offer no fees online.

I checked the websites one by one, and Daum Securities offers free subscription fees for public offerings online.



The brokerage may change its mind. I put the link above to see if there is a fee.



How to get an exemption when applying for an online public offering by each securities company


The brokerage firms I researched are as follows:


brokerage Online subscription fee Exemption conditions
Mirae Asset Securities 2,000 원
Silver grade or higher
Samsung Securities 2,000 원
Annual average balance of 1 million won or more (once a year review)
Korea Investment & Securities 2,000 원 over prime
KB Securities 1,500 원 Premium Star




Mirae Asset Securities Silver grade or higher

Mirae Asset Securities Exemption ArticleThe gun is above Silver grade. For silver grade, the balance of the previous three months or the end of the previous month must be at least 3 million won, and the highest grade is applied as the current month's service grade by comparing the current month's asset amount and the past five months' asset grade.

I don't know if it's enough to spend 3 million won or more for just one day in 3 months. Since it is an average, it may be the daily deposit amount divided by the number of days in three months.

It seems complicated, but if you have 3000 million won or more on the last day of each month, it seems to be silver level from the 1st of the next month. Since it is a depositary asset, it is the addition of stocks and deposits.



Samsung Securities (POP) preferential grade or higher

Samsung Securities’ online public offering share subscription feeis exempt from preferential grade or higher.

Samsung Securities customer rating criteria In the middle class, the average balance of the previous year is 5 million won or more. It is reviewed at the beginning of each year and is applied throughout the year.




Korea Investment & Securities Prime grade or higher

Korea Investment & Securities Customer Rating Standard The online subscription fee is free from the medium prime level.

The prime rating is 300 points or higher, so the average rating for 3 months must be at least 3 million won.

However, if you are a customer who has signed up for an IRP account (balance of 1 won or more), the prime level is applied.



KB Securities (M-able) Premium Star rating or higher

KB Securities is exempted from fees when subscribing to public offering shares if it is above the premium star rating of KB Star Club. KB Star Club is a bit complicated because it is a rating that is applied to the entire KB Financial Group. For more information KB Securities' KB Star Club Calculation Criteriarefer to


Premium Star KB score of 800 points or more & total assets of 100 million won or more / KB score of 3,000 points or more


Premium Star is the lowest of the KB Star Club ratings, so it is not very difficult. KB Bank or KB Securities must have at least 100 million won, which is reviewed on the last day of each month and the rating is maintained for three months.




The reason why the subscription fee for public offering shares, which used to be free, changed to paidIt is said that this is because the server went down when subscribing for IPO shares as the investment in the IPO increased, and the cost increased. In fact, whenever a large IPO stock is listed, not at the time of subscription for IPO, there are often cases where the server is down and trading is not possible. I don't know if they're paying more for the server fee or the developer as a subscription fee.

Public offering stocks with high general subscription competition have a high probability of success I think I only invest in public offerings with high competition. As a result, the number of winning stocks in Bire is often small. If the public offering is low, if you receive one share, the commission fee is also not small. In the case of a small amount of public offering stock, it is also necessary to choose a brokerage company that offers free commissions or to keep the commissions waived.


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