Advantages and disadvantages of Stock Plus price alerts and increasing the maximum number of alerts

I put a notification on the stock price. normally stock market You just look at it and when you get a notification, you start to look into it. There are some stocks that place automatic orders, but there are times when they go up differently than I expected.

The only service I am satisfied with for price alerts is webull, but it does not support the Korean market. Unfortunately, among the MTS of securities companies, the price alert of KB Securities is good, but it is inconvenient because it turns off when the conditions are met and cannot be modified immediately in the stock.

While looking for a price alert app, I recently found Stock Plus, so I use this for a price alert. While using the Stock Plus app, I found the pros and cons and ways to increase the number of notifications, and I summarized them.






Pros and Cons of Stock Plus Quote Alerts


The price of the specified alert is displayed in the chart

The reason for the price alert is to see with interest whether to sell or buy when the price is reached. So, I put a notification on the target sell price and buy price. When I saw the video of the single hitting, I drew the price to start selling and the stop-loss line on the chart.

MTS can also draw a horizontal line on the chart, but it will be drawn automatically when you set a price alert. It is convenient to see your own base price when looking at the chart.

As shown in the figure below, the yellow line above the chart is the price of the set alert.



You can set a price alert right from the chart or quote window

When you tap on the chart, a menu for setting notifications appears. There is a menu called 'Notification' in the seeker only box on the left, so you can set a notification right away.


Normally, when you press the quote, a buy/sell button appears, and you can also set a price alert.

When you press the quote in the brokerage app, only the buy and sell buttons appear. As far as I know, this is the only app that allows you to set a price alert by pressing a quote.


that's what i want It would be nice to be able to set alerts, not just buy/sell, for anything that has a price, whether it's a bid window or a chart you're looking at.



Even if the price condition is met, the setting does not turn off and a notification sounds when the price comes again

The price can be set either by directly entering the price or by entering the fluctuation rate. The fluctuation rate is not the setting of the fluctuation rate compared to the previous day or the opening price.





There are no market price alerts such as the rate of fluctuation compared to the previous month, the start/close of the market, and the arrival of the highest/lowest price.

In Naver Securities and KB Securities, a notification comes when you specify the fluctuation rate compared to the previous day. So there are times when I receive a notification and open it, but Securities Plus does not have this function yet.

What is left behind is to see the stock price and the closing price. This is using Naver Securities, but Naver Securities can only designate up to 10 items.

There was nothing I wanted about the price alert, so I chose it as a disadvantage.




Number of Stock Plus Quote Alerts


The problem is that the number of ticker notifications on Stock Plus cannot be increased indefinitely.


There is a limit to the number of stock price alerts

To set the price alert for each item, you can't add more after doing a few. You can add more alerts when you have points.


If you do not have points, you can add as many points as the number of turned off by turning off other notifications.



The maximum number of market price alerts increases by one for every 100 Securities Plus points.

The maximum number of notifications that can be set increases for every 100 points.




Securities Plus Points cannot be purchased

I was wondering if I could buy points with euros like games or apps that pay in-app. I sent an e-mail to the customer center asking if I could buy points, but they didn't reply and told me to ask by phone or Kakao Talk, so I gave up.

I searched the internet and couldn't find a way to make a living. I'd like to use Euros as well.



Securities Plus Points are earned by 100 points every day when you synchronize your securities account.

I found it in the point guide. Points are accumulated every day by linking brokerage accounts and synchronizing holdings and balances.

You can get 100 points by syncing any account once a day. Even if you sync multiple times or multiple accounts, you only get 100 points per day.




It is credited only once per day. So that means open the app every day to sync.

So for now, I open the app every day as much as possible to sync my accounts. Of course, if the item or quantity for each account changes, it is also synchronized with Securities Plus.

In addition, labels should be imported rather than exported. Because the app I'm using is Stock Plus, I get it from my app store. Every time I look at the label, I feel uncomfortable because I wonder if I am using each securities company's app. This occupational disease!





I don't know how many people, like me, check the market price or start trading with the price alert, but it's good that Stock Plus doesn't turn off the alert and shows the price alerted on the chart. It would be nice to have a market price alert according to the fluctuation rate, a market price alert at the beginning and end of the market, a notification of the highest and lowest price, and a notification of the fluctuation rate compared to the previous day.


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