Receive a KRW 48,000 stock coupon through the KB Securities mini-app (until December 12)

KB Securities is holding an event with the launch of the Marvel mini-app. You can receive 48,000% of the stock coupon of KRW 100.

Through this event with my acquaintances, I received a coupon for domestic stocks of KB Securities of 48000 won.

This charging event is not on the KB Securities event page, but only in the Marvel mini-app.





How to participate in the recharge event

  1. You need a KB Securities account. Marvel mini appto install
  2. Connect one account with open banking in the Marvel mini-app.
  3. If you do 4 missions a day for 8 days on the KB Securities Marvel mini-app, you can recharge it with Open Banking.
  4. After stamping all 8 cards for 4 days, KB Securities' domestic stock coupon 48000 won is immediately entered into KB Securities.




Recharge up to KRW 355,000 per day with Open Banking

You can recharge 4 from 1 cards per day. Each card has a different amount, but if you calculate the maximum recharge amount for each card, the maximum amount you can recharge per day is 355,000 won.

You can put up to 355,000 won in your bank account, charge KB Securities with 4 missions a day, put it back into your bank account, and recharge it the next day.



When the mission card is completed on the 8th, a stock coupon is issued immediately.

KB Securities app can be viewed in the coupon box. Instead of 48,000 won, coupons for 3 won, 5 won, 1 won, and 3 won came in.





The event deadline is December 2021, 12.

The deadline for the event is until December 12 of this year, so it is ample.




Coupons are used to purchase domestic stocks in KB Securities' Marvel app and mini app.

Stock coupons cannot be used for overseas stocks, but can be used together to purchase domestic stocks.

When I tried it, I couldn't use 48000 won at once, and the coupons were divided into several, but I was able to use one coupon at a time. How to use How to use KB Securities stock coupon Please refer to




You can see how simple it is to bring money into open banking for stock investment.

The purpose of the event is to let you know that you are charging and to invest in stocks after charging. In fact, you can experience how easy it is to bring money by charging it during the event.

In the KB Securities app, there is also a 'charge' button in the purchase window, so you can easily bring money through open banking. You should be aware that open banking is up to 1000 million won per day. However, this charge can only be taken from Open Banking and cannot be taken from the CMA account in KB Securities. I sent an offer to customer service, but I don't know if they will do it.

It makes it really easy to transfer money from another account to your own. 😆


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