How to use KB Securities stock coupon

KB Securities Marvel mini app launch eventI received 48,000 won worth of KB Securities coupons through

Not all coupons can be used in KB Securities. So, I've put together a list of places I can use and places that aren't.






When purchasing, click the coupon button to select a coupon and place an order.

It is easy to use KB Securities coupons to purchase. Select coupon when purchasing. Then the coupon will tell you how much discount.






Only one KB Securities coupon can be used per purchase.

I got it this time and it was 48,000 won, so I tried to use it all at once, but it didn't work.

Only one coupon can be used per purchase transaction.





Orders that can be used with KB Securities Coupons

I thought that both domestic and foreign stocks could be used, but that was not the case.


Intra-day and after-hours purchases of domestic stocks

It can be used to buy domestic stocks. A button is also visible for overtime purchases. However, pre-orders are not accepted.




Orders that cannot be used with KB Securities coupons


Overseas order

At KB Securities, U.S. stocks can be purchased in won. Global One MarketI expected that I would be able to use KB Securities coupons that appear in won by using them. But when I tried to buy it, there was no coupon button.


Domestic reservation order

The coupon button was not visible even when making a reservation in the domestic market.




public offering

I was just wondering, but I can't use the coupon to subscribe to the public offering. This is because the margin is deducted from the account.




Stock coupons are valid for 90 days from the date of issue

Coupons have an expiration date. In my experience, it is up to 90 days after issuance.




Above is a list of places where you can use KB Securities coupons and where you can't. If we find more, we will update.


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